If a dealer suggests that they can use Google Maps for their site survey rather than visiting in person, head for the hills immediately before handing over your deposit! All they really need is a little TLC, and with that, they can do what they were meant to do; and that’s to take care of you and relax! Before the hot tub installation process is conducted […]. Hot tubs use high volume pumps, meaning they are designed to handle a lot of water and low pressure. How would it feel if you had your friends and family in with you? Large, luxury feature-packed designs can cost up to £30,000. This is particularly important if you have bathers of different heights such as families with small children or couples that are very different heights and builds. 0% interest free finance options available on all spas. The Hot Tub Superstore of Unit 5 Trident Business Centre, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, FY4 2RP is a trading style of Blue Wave Spas Ltd (Company number 06197487) and The Hot Tub Superstore Ltd (Company number 09568703). The most vital piece of the jigsaw is how the hot tub feels to you and the others in your family that will be using the hot tub regularly. Would it be roomy enough in the footwell with more pairs of legs and feet as well as having enough seats? If, for some reason, the top product doesn’t seem to suit you, here’s what you need. Finding the ideal hot tub for you can be difficult, fortunately our magazine includes the best hot tubs available with the latest WhatSpa? Are the seats too large or too small and are they supporting you comfortably. Welcome to the discerning hot tub buyers’ club! Interest free credit can cost the dealer between five and fifteen per cent of the balance (depending upon the loan term) so again, if you have cash on the hip this is a great bargaining chip. It’s obvious that big hot tubs cost more to manufacture than small hot tubs. Hot Tub Shell – The hot tubs shell in most cases is very durable and most come with long or even lifetime warranties. However, they do come at a cost and they do require a strict cleaning regime, so today we’re answering the question – will a hot tub be more trouble than it’s worth? The Cover Guy Standard 4″ – 2″ taper hot tub cover is designed to keep debris out of your hot tub while also lowering your running costs. The merits of each are explained from page 60 in the latest issue of WhatSpa? Like hot tub shock, ozone is an oxidizer. | Website by Complete. We are here to help make owning a hot tub simple and easy. Some suppliers may offer extended warranties at a premium so again use this as a bargaining point before you commit to buy. Insist, if possible, on trying the actual models that you are most interested in rather than other models in the range… they all feel different! When I'm not being deluged with press releases and hot tub brochures I enjoy keeping fit and participating in endurance events including triathlons and distance running. We say go for it and treat yourself, owning a hot tub is definitely worth it. Where would the waterline rise to if more people were in? Best Buy models. But, a well built hot tub shouldn’t add any more than £30-£40 max. View our huge range of high quality, luxury hot tubs. Before you commit to the sale think about the additional accessories that are essential to creating a practical spa environment such as steps, cover lifters, delivery, installation and commissioning, spare filters, extra supplies of water care products etc. Contact a member of our friendly team for more information and to make your next life changing purchase. Don’t leave your purchase until the last minute. The price of hot tubs varies by a significant amount, it’s not unusual to spend thousands on a hot tub, but that’s not to say that’s your only option. Ensure that you do not float out of any of the seats, particularly the lounge seat/s if the spa model has them. homepage for a preview of this. Additional features 6.1. It is important that they stay in business to serve you and your warranty! Adding a silver mineral cartridge to your filter reduces the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize the hot tub. Q. Some people have previously reported that using a hot tub regularly has improved their quality of life, whether that be through sleep, pain relief or stress relief. Phones lines open, Improve Your Home and Life with a Luxury Hot Tub. Approved retailers and other industry affiliations such as BISHTA (British & Irish Spa & Hot Tub Association) membership. From basic features to more in-depth technical specifications, we’re aimed to guide you through the most important considerations when buying a hot tub: 1. The company is a credit broker, and not a lender. Tuesday - 9am to 5pm The lockdown of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in hot tub sales, due to more people spending time at home enjoying the weather. You can usually pick up a cheap inflatable Hot Tub for around £300, which is a much smaller investment than a hard-shell hot tub! 6-Person 30-Jet Premium Acrylic Lounger Sterling Silver Spa Hot Tub with Backlit LED Waterfall With classic design and cutting-edge technology, With classic design and cutting-edge technology, the AM-630L 6-person Lounger Spa by American Spas delivers a total body hydrotherapy experience. Chlorine is the most popular sanitizer used in hot tubs because it is effective, but it can also be quite harsh, especially to those with sensitive skin. Remember that the wet test is all about feel and comfort. Your tub won’t take up too much room in your garden and while you’re relaxing you can admire all of your hard work. We’re pretty sure their lockdown was significantly improved by their new hot tubs. As you go for higher seating capacity, the price goes up. It took me about 150 hours of reading to feel I'd mastered the art and science of hot tub maintenance, but I can probably teach it to you in a few hours. Professional spa dealerships will also offer service packages to ensure that your spa stays in tiptop condition. We recommend that you contact your local showroom prior to your visit to check if they are operating appointment only. Yes, with an average price of under $600, inflatable hot tubs are worth it for people who want a hot tub and are on a tight budget. Is the depth of the spa suitable for your needs given the height and build of the main bathers. Talk to sales staff and get a feel for the models and features on offer in each different price bracket. We purchased a hot tub from Gil at the Hottub and spa company. If the spa has a lounge seat, check that it conforms to your body without the feeling of floating out of the seat. Hot tubs are the perfect way to finish off your home. Everyone loves a hot tub, no matter what age they are! magazine, it is time to dip your toe in the water and start visiting your local specialist showrooms to see for yourself what they have to offer. It’s possible to nearly match your hot tub … While most jet and bubble systems are rated at 1.1Kw. This edition is full of spa reviews as well as top tips on buying, owning and maintaining your very own hot tub. So with prices under $100, it’s worth it for many hot tub owners! The one decision that every hot tub buyer will have to make is whether to purchase a spa equipped with a ‘Lounge Seat’ or to opt for an ‘All-Seater’ interior seating layout. Intex Simple Spa Inflatable Hot Tub. It is crucial that you always pay any up-front costs (at least £100) by credit card or via a consumer finance company as this affords you the protection of your credit card supplier or finance company if anything goes wrong between the point of order and delivery day. Q. Blue Wave Spas Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to credit broking. Call our team now on 01253 599330 for details. Water care products and parts can be ordered from our online shop here for mail order delivery. and visit the Find a hot tub retailer area on our website to get an up to date list of companies in your area. Owning a hot tub provides you with lots of fun, they are perfect for those summer days in the back garden. The COVID-19 lockdown in spring and summer 2020 led to a huge spike in demand for hot tubs and outdoor leisure products as families suffered travel restrictions and cancellations of […], Like a strong foundation for any decent home, it is important to ensure your new hot tub has a solid base location. Buying Like we said, hot tubs are a lot of fun, they are great for garden parties, spending time with your family, loved ones and friends, and they are a perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Sunday - 10am to 4pm Insulated cover … After all, this is the main reason why you are buying one (besides turning the neighbours green with envy!). Take some time to research which brands are currently available in your local area before you go any further. The UK's No.1 Spa & Hot Tub Buyer's Guide, © 2020 WhatSpa.co.uk – All rights reserved – The Hot Tubs Advice Centre, Buying a hot tub main specifications & considerations, preparing for a hot tub installation guide), Supply Chain & Shipping Issues Impact Hot Tub Deliveries To UK Market, Seating style (lounge seat or all-seater), How it feels (the hydrotherapy massage delivered by the hot tub jets).
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