The newly developed 4K Super 35mm DGO imaging system captures high dynamic range content by reading out … Dear Luka, no, we have not tested this. After a week with the 1D X I noticed just how noisy the RAW footage is (and how clean compressed is!) Lab Tests. Retour à la présentation du produit. Really like Canon color science. Most interesting about this test was the fact that according to our own parameters the dynamic range was closer to 12 stops, while Canon markets 15-stops of dynamic range … Consultez notre site Web pour découvrir notre gamme de caméscopes. Image plein format immersive pour une reproduction fidèle des couleurs. This flexible design can be configured according to the shooting and equipment requirements, right down to the lens mount – which can be changed between EF, PL or EF Cinema Lock without the need of converting by a service center. September 24 th, 2015. We always use double opt-in, so please confirm your subscription by clicking on the link you will receive in an email after you hit "sign up". Theoretically the result would be much better than the 5.9k full frame readout, correct? Will it take the crown in our lab tests? From the tests, it looks like the C300 Mark II is achieving that extra dynamic range by giving you extra stops in the shadows and mids. 2019 has been a quiet year for Canon’s Cinema EOS lineup, with only the announcement of the long-awaited Cinema EOS C500 Mark II. In September we published our lab results of the Canon C300 Mark II dynamic range. This is the best result we have measured on a full frame sensor so far! Surprisingly good however. Seems like we are jumping from one fantastic result to the next – the rolling shutter at 6K RAW (5952×3140, 17:9) comes in at a strong 15.8ms – see figure 3 below. Canon C500 Mark II 6K RAW Dynamic Range vs RED 8K Helium. Filming in Cinema RAW Light, I shot at the base of ISO800 the entire time and in the edit added no noise reduction, yet I can’t see any noise at all. Each pair represents 3.33ms. Canon Log 2: 1600% / 15+ stops Canon Log 3: 1600% / 14 stops Wide DR: 800% (at ISO 400) Image Processor. Users also benefit from smooth, intuitive touch focus operation with the new 4.3-inch LCD monitor LM-V2, as well as an improved focus control that recreates a more natural focus pull. Mine was delivered right before the Covid lockdown, so it’s great to know I have a top notch, fantastic camera to offer my clients once we all get back to work. +1 for Ryan and FX9. If you’re using cine lenses or heavier zoom lenses then definitely yes. More or less the same holds true for the image in figure 6: at 4 stops under, pushed back to zero the image is still quite usable. Passionate shooter who isn't doing this for a living. 1: IMATEST dynamic range result for the Canon C500 Mark II at 25fps, UHD, 10bit XF-AVC codec (CLOG2 / C.Gamut) at ISO 800. I would rate this camera close to 10 and change stops based on the XYLA. Can’t wait! What goes without saying is that in the hands of an expert the 6K RAW files provide even better flexibility in post, especially the heavily underexposed images. 9: The Canon C500 Mark II at 5 stops underexposure, pushed back to 0 using CLOG2 with the XF-AVC 10bit codec at ISO800. Découvrez le Canon EOS C500 Mark II, le système Cinema EOS nouvelle génération équipé d'un capteur plein format 5,9K. Then, in post production (using DaVinci Resolve 16.1 studio) we push the underexposed images back to the 0 exposure value. Looking at the waveform from the XYLA chart it appears that step 11 is smeared all the way from step 10 to 12. So without further delay lets jump right into the lab test …. Most cameras break apart at 3 to 4 stops underexposure. This gives a base exposure of 360° shutter at f4.0 at ISO800 (UHD 25fps) – our 0 stops under baseline (internal noise reduction “off” for all tests). :). But yes, the assumption is correct, rolling shutter should be significantly better in Super 35 mode. Having tested now various mirrorless full-frame cameras for the last 2 years in our cinema5D lab, I was really curious to put a “real” cinema camera with a full-frame sensor through the paces one day. Now you may ask why I have not used the internal 6K RAW (5952×3140) to test the dynamic range? [CR2], GoPro Karma Drone – Controller Pairing Issues. Is there a test like this with the Varicam LT?? Thank you Dr. for the results! Canon sells the following two adapters, both with shim kits: 1. Thanks Rick. Test Canon EOS C100 Mark II Par Arthur Azoulay , Focus Numérique ( @Lesnums ) Publié le 08/04/15 à 10h28 Mis à jour le 08/04/15 à 10h28 Capteur CMOS plein format 5,9K. Really enjoying the Lab test section. Canon C500 Mark II Lab Test: Dynamic Range, Latitude and Rolling Shutter. 4: base exposure of our studio scene for the Canon C500 Mark II, using CLOG2 with the internal XF-AVC 10bit codec at ISO800. Using our strobe light at 300Hz, we get a sequence of black and white bars due to the nature of read out of CMOS sensors. It will take a bit of time, but it will come…. The dynamic range is crazy, over 15 stops for sure. Playing next. The Canon C500 Mark IIis definitely more expensive on paper. Also own the BM4KPC (global shutter is nice) and BMCC 1080P but it is very difficult to blend the early BM cameras with the Canon. The dynamic range of the C500 Mark II using the internal 10bit XF-AVC codec at UHD 25fps using Canon Log2 / C.Gamut (Color Matrix “Neutral”) shows a very strong 13.1 stops at a signal to noise ratio of 2, see figure 1 below (noise reduction “off”). carlosq00. The horror. Test Lab is my favorite series of Cinema5D : ) I’ll be vary curious to see how the C500 mk II 6K sensor stacks up with the 1D X mk III 5.5K sensor. The Cinema EOS C500 Mark II features Canon’s high-resolution 5.9K (38.1 x 20.1mm) Full Frame CMOS sensor, which offers exceptional low noise and a broad range of tonality with over 15 stops of dynamic range. 8: The Canon C500 Mark II at 5 stops underexposure, pushed back to 0 using CLOG2 with the XF-AVC 10bit codec at ISO800. Fig. And if so would it be possible to have in practice a Noise Reduction ‘LUT’ so to speak from manufacturers? Enregistrement Cinema RAW Light 5,9K interne. Why? Thanks. Canon EF Mount. It depends on the lenses you are going to use it with. The Canon C500 Mark II. Does the Canon EOS 6D Mark II dynamic range suck?. 6: The Canon C500 Mark II at 4 stops underexposure, pushed back to 0 using CLOG2 with the XF-AVC 10bit codec at ISO800. Hence, the dynamic range results from IMATEST are lower – indicating a rather “untouched” image by any in-camera processing. 5: The Canon C500 Mark II at 3 stops underexposure, pushed back to 0 using CLOG2 with the XF-AVC 10bit codec at ISO800. Canon EOS C500 Mark II. And of course we had to take an immediate “lab test” look at Canon’s latest Super 35 addition to their line of cinema cameras. 3: Canon C500 Mark II rolling shutter for 17:9 5952×3140: very good 15.8ms are measured. Fig. Thanks!! Any tools to cut through the hype will always be welcomed. Report. Fichier RAW efficace sur CFexpress. Using the Canon EOS C500 Mark II instead of the larger EOS C700 FF also meant the camera could be rigged up with monitors and follow-focus rigs, or stripped back to make it as light and compact as possible for use on a drone or gimbal. DIGIC DV7. The Canon C500 Mark II Camera provides great support for optional interchangeable lens mounts for different project requirements. But, five days is more than enough time to realize the Canon C500 Mark II is a beautiful camera capable of so much more than just helping craft a … Advertisement. You need to pay $2,199 extra for a locking EF mount (called EF-C) from Canon. Dear Pablo, no, we have not tested this camera yet. The next-generation Super 35mm workhorse features a new Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor and, like the full-frame EOS C500Mark II digital cinema camera, employs a modular design and an interchangeable lens mount optional accessory that allows users to easily customize the camera according to the needs of each project. It is hard to define this cinema camera. Check out the BTS clip: I’m outright confused at how and why Canon keeps hobbling their products in such unnecessary ways. Which led me to think – does all in camera noise reduction inherently look better than using a NLE program since the NR algorithm is searching for a specific fixed noise pattern from a sensor’s circuitry versus a universal one? Camera News. Even when the second best option is selected, the internal XF-AVC 10bit codec, the results are still fantastic (internal 6K 12 bit raw requires more post processing). Plus you should make the list of links to all your tests and results easier to reach because they are extremely thorough and useful and now they are spread over the years. Hi guys,I agree with Rick Leads; getting lab results from both the original Alexa Mini (S35) and the Alexa LF would make all your other camera tests so much more useful. Considering the BM12K (looks like better color now) or the Canon C500 MII once it is discounted. SIGMA fp), while for instance the Panasonic S1H falls around 25ms. Secondly, the larger sensor … and could never get clips as noise free in Resolve or Final Cut Pro without losing detail as the built in H.265/H.264 files. Advertisement. This day had finally arrived when the Canon C500 Mark II was available in the cinema5D headquarters earlier this year. Noise kicks in but it stays finely dispersed. Is there a database for all your results? The C500 Mark II clearly sets the benchmark for 2020 so far in our testing using a 6K Full frame sensor. I know many existing workflows are not using RF, but Canon’s own brilliant RF to EF adaptors solve 99% of these issues. Please have a look at how we test dynamic range of cameras here. The Nikon F6 film SLR camera is now officially discontinued, FilmConvert Releases Sony a7S III Camera Pack for Fast Film Stock Emulation, Stock Notice: Canon RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM in stock at Adorama, TDM Audio Pro UVC Case Disinfects Your Microphones, Today only: Save on the MFT Auto Extension Tube Set and Atomos SSD. La Canon EOS C500 Mark II est une caméra compacte et polyvalente équipée d’un capteur type plein format 5,9k et du processeur DIGIC DV 7. Oh, great to hear – you won’t be disappointed by your new baby! Colombo thought that the footage showed off the slight difference in dynamic range between the cameras, with the Canon C500 Mark II doing a better job with a bit more details in the shadows. MTF Services Converts SIRUI 50mm and 35mm Anamorphic Lenses to L-Mount, Top 10 NikonRumors posts for November 2020, Tentacle Sync Track E Pocket 32-bit float Audio Recorder– Recording & Transmitting Audio, Will the Canon EOS R5s come with a pixel shift like feature? I would be curious to see some independent test. And got the same result as with other recent raw cameras before: using plain raw without any postprocessing, the images are very noisy.
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