The drumstick allium (Allium sphaerocephalo) adorned with an egg-sized rosy-burgundy flower blooming the beginning of June. Above: Allium sphaerocephalon freshly unsheathed from their papery cases. The plants can get a bit top heavy and may start tipping over, particularly if it’s windy in your area. Don’t worry, though. Read our tips and get this done if you haven’t determined the makeup of your soil. Cut away any dead or dying foliage after you pull up the plant. This little pest is common in Europe and is just making its way into the US. Allium Ampeloprasum / Elephant Garlic: This edible but mild garlic variety can grow up to 6 feet tall, producing cloves the size of a normal head of garlic. Don’t plant alliums in the same location again for at least 15 years, unless you sterilize the soil first. Ornamental blooming drumstick alliums are members of the same genus of plants that edible garlic, onion, shallots, chives, and leeks belong to. Here is more about what we do. You should also trim any other plants that are growing near your alliums to make sure there’s plenty of space for adequate air circulation. You can also plant drumstick allium bulbs in containers. Copyright During the larval phase, they can reach a length of one-third of an inch. * Required | We will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. Pale buds develop into a marvelous burgundy-green, rivaling the more metallic flower. Place bulbs four to six inches apart. This heats the soil up and will kill most pathogens. Originally native to parts of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, these days you can find this showy plant growing in gardens around the globe. Keep in mind that you won’t get flowers for the first year or two when you plant by seed. From tools to furniture, these garden products are sure to delight. The flowers will start to bloom in July, usually a bit after other ornamental alliums like ‘Globemaster’ (a sterile hybrid cross between A. christophii and A. macleanii) and ‘Gladiator’ (a giant blooming ornamental onion) have started blossoming. If you are like me and have deer around every corner, this bulb is perfect because deer are deterred by the scent of onion and garlic. Ornamental alliums face potential issues caused by a few different types of fungi that may destroy your pretty plants. Since the drumstick allium spreads, can I share the dried heads with friends and how would they start them in their garden? I am ridding my small front flower bed of all its plants this winter and want to give it a different look. Find a Garden Center that carries Proven Winners plants & products. The drumstick allium is adorned with an egg-sized burgundy flower atop a stick-straight, slender 2-3’ stock. Easy tolerant of rain. I have also found that it looks great with the chartreuse color of freshly emerging Amsoina hubirchtii. Allium sphaerocephalon. Most insects aren’t terribly interested in alliums either. GARDENER'S PATH® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. Planting is simple for this bulb that is roughly the size of a quarter. The disease is soil-borne and can live in the earth for decades. You can cut the blossoms and add them to floral arrangements, where they add dimension and solidity. Butterflies love them and so will you! They lay their eggs in the spring and fall, and after a few days, the white or light yellow larvae hatch and start chewing their way through allium leaves. All plant parts of all species are perfectly edible – in theory. This helps to maintain good spacing, which is helpful for avoiding fungal issues. To dry them, cut to the desired length and immediately take them indoors, away from sunlight. Leafminers are the larvae of flies that have clear wings and yellow heads. Store saved seeds in a sealed container in a cool, dark place and they can last for up to two years. The adults and nymphs damage plants by nibbling on the bulbs and leaves. Planting is truly a breeze for this bulb that has roughly the diameter of a quarter. On that note, I would also recommend planting in a mass or a grouping of 10 to 15 for the most dramatic effect. Allium Sphaerocephalon is a small-headed rich, blackcurrant allium is later-flowering than most and invaluable for that. See more ideas about Allium flowers, Allium, Flowers. It may even cause flowering to stop altogether. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. It tolerates summer drought, but keep it moist during the growing season. Another allium that deserves to be more widely planted is Allium schubertii (tumbleweed onion). to become better, so I have every confidence in you to do the same. The plant is normally not susceptible to mammals and has an onion/garlic type aroma. Ornamental alliums are incredibly similar to chive blossoms, but on steroids, with bigger, bolder blooms. Product photos via BotaniGard and Eden Brothers. These days, I take just as much pleasure in watching the bees crawl along the fat flower heads nodding languorously in the summer breeze as I did banging on my floral timpani.
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