The feel of a keybed refers explicitly to the tactile feel of the keys which is determined by its shape, weight, and material. However, if you are simply looking for the best performing product, the Akai MPK 249 is a significant investment but can grow with you to the highest levels of skill and experience. Plus points for Hammond organ users for the drawbar mapping. The most common use is for faders, track volume control, EQ settings–though few experienced music producers have the same exact configuration as another. A Gearank Rating it is not a representation of our opinion about a product, it is a statistical representation of the collective opinion of the owners and users of a product and in addition to the rating number we also provide the number of sources each rating is based upon - EG: "90 out of 100. The need for quality buttons will likely hinge more on your experience level than anything else. It also includes, Nektarine, a proprietary plugin that allows VST/VST3 plugin control for virtual instruments and effects plugins. It does not need to actually be heavy, but since you will be pressing it with your foot–potentially while standing–you definitely want it to be able to handle far more pressure and force than the other controls. 49 key keyboards are usually the most popular among producers since they offer a good compromise between portability and performance. Some say that the keys can be a bit springy and stiff. The Impact LX49+ goes beyond what a normal MIDI controller can do. Hi, thanks for making this comparison review article. I've tried to indicate which major applications each keyboard integrates well with, but if you're unsure then feel free to ask about your particular software and the particular controller you're interested in and I or someone else here will advise you. In his MusicRadar review, Dan Goldman said the keyboard had "a nicely deep key travel and the well-balanced springy feel facilitates fast accurate playing, both for synth lines and sounds that normally demand a weighted action". All these features are housed in a roadworthy aluminum body. We then used the scores to feature only the best of the best in this guide. 25, 2020. For people using Hammon B3 Organ virtual instruments, the 9 B3drawbars can easily be mapped to each of the 9 faders. This is incorrect. At first glance, all the buttons, lights, knobs and screens would look overwhelming to the untrained. A couple of users report some dissatisfaction with the keybed saying it's a bit noisey. The Novation 49SL MKIII is the newest product from Novation and also their most advanced. Whether that’s fully-weighted or semi-weighted will depend on your style of music and your budget. The aluminum housing is also noted as sturdy and some users who are touring musicians felt the unit was well equipped for travel. Some third-party virtual instruments need to be painstakingly set up to be compatible with the device. A thoughtful feature is that it also works as a MIDI interface - you can send MIDI data from your DAW through the P4 to control other MIDI hardware. I can't help but thinking the score is flawed and may not be much help to consumers who are trying to understand the reviewer's HONEST opinion about these products. Allowed HTML tags: