Welcome to Dooney's Kitchen, Dooney! Tnx for the inspiration. 8. She gave me a possible list of fish and seafood to use. It only takes 1 minute. Visit her blog – www.dooneyskitchen.com, BN Pick Your Fave: Waje & Omawumi in Bebe, TMI Katy Perry! Add a little more water, just about enough to cook the fish, cover the pan and let it cook. One Accountant the other Pharmacist. Ngolo (clams) I have found that I enjoy it with a 60 – 40 percent ratio of yams to plantain. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). 3 pieces of Cocoyam – to be used as a thickener We remove all mollusc from their shell before cooking with it, onunu is delicious, my mum is from rivers so she prepared it nd served it with chicken stew which was soooo delicious, I’m gonna try the soup out, looks appetizin, Your email address will not be published. Key words associated with corn are: Sacred Mother, Protection, Luck, Divination… Corn represents fertility and is used to invoke Mother Earth. WARNING: Onunu is heavy food, it weakens the body thereby inducing sleep. Errrrr, it is for food styling. As an endurance athlete, getting enough essential fatty acids is crucial for racing, training, and recovery. I find that this makes my food taste fresh and natural. Serving solid food in muffin cups. If the statement ‘the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach’ actually worked, I think na this soup I go use!lol! It’s believed that burying a sheaf of corn while uttering a curse will cause your enemies to die–they will rot from the inside as the corn decays in the soil. Corn has been planted, tended, harvested and consumed for millennia, and so it’s no wonder that there are myths about the magical properties of this grain. Seasoning cubes You see it all over the markets hung up on long poles or stacked high in buckets. This piece of work will be useful for any practicing Babalawo and Ifa devotees that want to have detail knowledge of the interpretations of Odu Ifa Iwori Odi either for purpose of divination practice or personal use. Thus, traditional healers often apply divination and various rituals in order to understand the overall significance of a healing process and counteract its cause. Yam Festival:  It marks the first harvest of Yams during the autumn season, after the monsoon season. The comments I got back were varied, I even thought this could be something new that could be introduced in Nigerian food, until someone left a comment and said ‘oh Dunni, that already exists’. A culinary injustice. You ust o e o o safet guideli es he u si g ele t i al p odu ts, espe iall i the p ese e of hild e . Yam festival has both religious and economic significance. Chopped red onion – 1/4 of an onion All fields are required. There is also the gbegiri (made from beans), Apon, Egusi (melon), Efo Riro etc. A day is observed as a mourning day for the Ancestors and also to keep a fast…. In some rituals, Palms play a central role as sacred objects, for example the seeds accompany oracles and Palm leaves are used in offerings. I have been told periwinkles can also be found in Asian stores. But of course experiments are allowed. Serve and enjoy with your choice of starchy solids. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! Rivers State Native soup is one of the best meal you will enjoy most in West African region. The Ancient Egyptians used food as a means of exchange and food was stocked in the tombs as a gift to the Gods. I was actually going to respond to your comment about checking at fishmongers but someone beat me to it. Open air drying using sun and wind has been practiced since Ancient times to preserve food. The smaller/flatter it is, the quicker it will dissolve in your soup. Your email address will not be published. Try to always prepare and cook foods that you enjoy, as you are preparing food not only is it necessary to cook with intention, it is also necessary to visualize what magical outcome that you are working towards, by doing this you are igniting the energies within the food and within yourself. All these are distinct soups with different tastes. I’ve probably been calling it the wrong thing all this while, although I have to say Native Soup cooked with goatmeat AND fresh fish is the absolute bizness!! Using seafood for Native Soup is popular but that your plan to cook it with meat is also another recognized form of Native Soup.

how to cook efo odu

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