the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 (it looks like a Sigma cosmetically). Beautiful dynamic range too. How can you still not find some comfortable familiarity with the controls? If I wanted a 4:3 format camera I would go with Oly for stills and Panny for video/stills. And I'm talking about usability, not fancy wallpapers and such: I replace default keyboard, change soft keys etc. Take a look. I appreciate Carey's a6400 AF setup guide, but after a session with a B&H Sony tech, we finally concluded that the only way to prevent the camera from automatically changing to tracking was to change Focus Mode to AF Single-shot. Let's dive deep into the a6400's revamped autofocus system, plus we'll show you exactly how to set it up. (DPR have failed to change that spec. I still use the Sony 6000, perfectly decent camera, but think will move up at some point to the 6400. The other day I try doing a home video, a birthday cake celebration, with all family in picture... everything was set... when I look at the footage, I don't know why, but the camera lock focus on a wall behind us... everything was out of focus...everyone got frustrated :(. > good UI means you have sensible defaults to begin with, > If you need an external app to configure a camera> to your liking, you’ve already lost the battle. Proxy movie recording allows easier editing and previewing, and Photo Capture lets you extract stills from recorded movies. 1 This product is also known as ILCE-6400, ILCE-6400/B AP2, ILCE-6400L, ILCE-6400L/BAP2, ILCE-6400L/SAP2; 2 Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image. To get the full experience on, please change your settings to allow JavaScript. 4K video without recording limit. Noise reduction is particularly effective in the frequently used medium-to-high sensitivity range. Because they were never comfortable, and still aren't. It features the same 24 megapixel sensor seen in the α6500. The A6400 is absolutely a beast in this direction; but, if you don't need stellar AF, no (unlimited) 4K video, NEX 7 is absolutely a brilliant camera. Oh, and it's a lot of fun too. I'll try it again, but it seems the only way to lock focus (and recompose) while avoiding it automatically changing to tracking (not only people but moving leaves, anything moving) is to toggle back and forth between Single Focus mode and Continuous which is an extra step. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. May be because the Nikon Z6 is a FF big and expensive system, very few original lenses available and no compatible with screw AF old Nikon lenses using the adapter? When shooting a distant person in motion, the tracking system captures the whole body, and the focus area will seamlessly change between the face and the eyes according to the condition of the subject. Real-time Eye AF for Animals supports animal tracking, allowing fast, precise, automatic detection and tracking of animal eyes, with just a half-press of the shutter button. I tried all the tricks I could but nothing helped that much. If it's another object, it will track that object; even if there's a person in the scene. Cosinaphile, I hate narcisitic people, I hate this "Genaration Me", but I need a fully articulated LCD to make my own videos, to frame myself in picture, to watch the exposure, etc, and also to protect the LCD from scratches, for instances... All professional video cameras for video have a fully articulated LCD. Sony's new Real-Time Tracking is really impressive, but my goodness, can't we get a front control dial? The a6xxx cameras have been around for at least 5 years. Yongnuo, makers of lenses, cameras and other photo accessories, has filed a patent for a modular mirrorless camera system. Now they are going to return their focus to APS-C. And Sony made the right move. Most importantly, I remove lots of pre-installed apps, and heavily rearrange the rest. Seriously? Maybe sometime in the future a newer model will include IBIS - sorely needed where tripods are cumbersome or not allowed. That's where a fully articulating "selfie" screen is so helpful. Clearing the full buffer can be a matter of minutes, or an excruciating eternity.-This camera would really benefit from one more physical dial.-Menu gripes are overblown for still shooters, as a user shouldn't ever enter the menu after setting up the function screen, custom menu, and custom buttons. Check out the winners of the 2020 DPReview Awards! Sigma's new primes promise very good performance and light weight, when paired with L-mount and Sony E-mount mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. "We generally keep AF-C enabled, enable face and eye detection in the menus, then select the Tracking: Flexible Spot M focus area. But the effect is quite different. When we first reported on the alleged ransomware attack back in August, Canon said it was 'investigating the situation.' and unlike the crippled Fuji X30, it has an indispensable selfie LCD to shoot video... great Sony. Again, very different strategies! Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities. As someone who wasted way too much of his youth writing config files by hand for his Unix desktop environment, I feel somewhat qualified in claiming that the last thing we need in a camera is a user-editable config file. ), If I was to be tempted I would want the all-in bells n whistles version. Ergonomics: really, resorting to another myth. And so on, and so forth. @cosinaphile - "i would sensibly use my fujis camera remote to frame and fire, and while connected could instantly transfer said selfie to post to instaface or selfbook". This is the same reason why A7siii and A7000 could be the best camera but Sony continues to postpone their release, not because like they say "the engineering is not ready" or they want to "over-accomplish user expectation", but because people will stop buying the already best-selling, market-dominating A7iii and A6400. The 24/1.4 is an FE lens. It either works or it doesn't. They don't make money off of Sigma lens sales. It's not intuitive, and it's not fast. if no need 4k, no need sport shootingi bet stills IQ almost same as A6000, You loose about 1/3 of light through the mirror and the bsi sensors are a bit better at high iso anyway. The only issue is that I can't move the Spot, so I have to center, half-press, and recompose. Cool? Best Lenses for Sony a6400 mirrorless camera. I'm sure they know that there is pent-up demand for lenses such as APS-C f/2.8 zooms. You simple want back button focusing, don’t you? Which one is right for you? None are stabilised though. Sure, the Fuji smartphone camera remote app is great. Do you have any advise on this? Looks like a great camera. What’s the best camera for around $2000? The a6400 is definitely a quantum leap in colors, detail produced and the much wider dynamic range. ",, But, if you want that in m4/3 land there are always the Olympus PDAF/CDAF models. This does not sound like a “quantum leap”. It can be that you are looking at the screen more then normal (I take a picture, look at the screen just to see if it is right and I switch of the camera). I've tried every trick to fix it but nothing works. BUT WHERE the heck is IBIS??? What’s the best camera for less than $1000? Grab the best of life. With the Touch Tracking function you can simply touch the monitor to activate Real-time Tracking for either stills or movies. Below you can see the front view size comparison of Canon RP and Sony A6400. Do the enhancements make the a6400 the standout in this crowd? Yes, the Sigma primes are great values and good lenses. The Sigma 65mm F2 DG DN is for the photographer who wants a focal length that falls squarely between 50mm and 85mm. What Sony makes me go through instead is mind-boggling. I just bought the sigma dn 19mm f2.8 lens for $137, try finding a similar prime that cheap for x mount or fe mount. It is an APS-C mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) designed to be a mid-range mirrorless camera and act as an update of the α6300.Sony is targeting the vlogging community with the α6400's flip-up screen and aggressive pricing. Canon and Nikon colors generally look good both in jpeg and raw conversion in latest models I think. To ask a company like Sony to produce perfect UI might be too much. It's all about strategy and timing. Wish I never spent tue money. Fast continuous shooting with AF/AE at up to 11fps, Sophisticated eye recognition and tracking, Prioritize your subject's left eye or right eye, Stunning animal images with Real-time Eye AF for Animals, Persistent tracking for subjects on the move, A new subject-recognition algorithm holds onto moving subjects, Seamless transitions from body to face and eye tracking, Enjoy beautiful, remarkably detailed images, Natural-looking images that match what you see, Take advantage of various movie functions, A high-resolution LCD monitor with handy touch-screen functions, Touch Pad provides smooth focus-area selection, Touch Tracking turns on Real-time Tracking at any time, Customized buttons put frequent operations at your fingertips, My Menu and My Dial features put you in control, Visualized setup screen for customization. Why am I forced to choose between a6400 and a6500 with IBIS but worse autofocus? Been saving my pennies for an eventual E-M1 Mark 2, but now I'm forced to ask myself ... why Sony isn't in the running? And by repeating this ergonomics myth they have given an excuse to brand bashers to base their attack on it. The best cameras for under $1000 should have good ergonomics and controls, great image quality and be capture high-quality video. When you want to shift the focus, even to the periphery of the frame, Touch Focus does it with a simple touch to the monitor. Btw does anybody know, is the 6400 faster to power on than the 6000? After creating a Sony account or signing in with your Sony account, download the software (For customers in the USA). yeah, who cares if your x-h1 photos are blurry because the af is weak sauce. I bought 30mm and 56mm Sigmas (great lenses! However when i bought the 55-210 OSS lens (which is indeed cheap by that price rate) it is quite a let down. Or maybe it will the other way round -- now that the market is in quite some turmoil... Until then, we'll just keep seeing that constant stream of bad market news, and constant moaning of how mobile phones eat everyone's cake. This isn't the case. Thanks for the clarification. If you want lots of zoom look at a Sony r100 or LX1000, etc. Rangefinder-ish body is great for compact primes (of which I have... plenty), too. 'What's the best mirrorless camera?' Can anyone tell me why the A6400 has worse (viewfinder/screen rating) , (ergonomics and handling) and (movie/video mode) scoring than the old A6300 model?The A6400 has a touch and front articulated screen in the same body and no time/heat limit recording video!Perhaps you have assigned a 85% limit to these A6xxx cameras? Big mistake of dpreview on Specifications>videography modes.Video formats : delete MOV and replace it with Mp4.This camera does not export to MOV. Black corners looks like the same problem on the 16-50, no resolution at all + too much noise from heavy vignette correction when you need to light it up a few stops. There have been many complaints about battery drainage when the A6000 is in storage. @captura -,, I'm pretty sure that out of the 12 new lenses coming for E-mount, some of them will be for APS-C. And it would seem appropriate that Sony would release "enthusiast" APS-C lenses (ie, f/2.8 zooms) to go with their new "enthusiast" APS-C body. Chris and Jordan take a look at the new Sigma 35mm F2 and 65mm F2. It will continue to track the face once it moves outside that spot, yes. Is there a price range you're thinking of? Densely distributed focus points blanket around 84% of the image area, aiding subject capture. ), but passed on the 16mm behemoth. Form factor in the 6 series remains a big put-off for me. Mobile app should be able to download that file, edit it, and upload back. This is what he suggested. Join. That said, I'm sure the a6500 successor will get the faster processor that's required for the improved AF. Yes, Marketing departments do whatever they can to obstruct engineering to introduce the perfect camera to the market - this will hurt sales for decades as nobody will be upgrading. Either you DPR guys have enormous hands or you are contractually compelled to find some way to bash Sony. I'm speaking about Sony here, but that's just because it's what I (currently) use and thus know well. DJI's second-generation Pocket camera includes a long list of useful upgrades including a wider, faster lens, a larger sensor, more resolution, improved audio and an optional handle that significantly improves control and supports live streaming. In this buying guide we’ve rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing around $2000 and recommended the best. I guess if DP were being paid they'd have claimed auto focus was sub par too. With super-fast AF and highly precise subject tracking, it's ideal for capturing fast-moving action, while its wide sensitivity range and stunning image quality make it suitable for just about any photographic opportunity you may encounter, whether you're shooting stills or movies. Built-in flash and hot shoe. Now, three months later, the company has confirmed in a statement that the personal information of past and current employees was taken from its servers. The high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-FinderTM provides clear visibility and a smooth view for easy tracking. Sony offers 17 APS-C mirrorless lenses and has 3rd party support (because they allow it). We only miss the IBIS that the a6500 has. BTW, I do agree with you that if we have to battle with the UI at all, something's definitely wrong. Save the file to the desktop of your computer (recommended). In this video, Chris shows us how to set up this very useful feature. .. because a bad design is always a bad design? The ISO Invariance and Exposure Latitude jpeg previews of the raw files are processed differently than from other cameras. Consumer camera needs a good consumer lens. A bit disappointing to see Sony lackluster results. Sony is leading the way. An HDMI micro jack and a Multi/Micro USB terminal are easily accessed by flipping a panel door. It is the Sony lenses that are either cheap and nasty, or expensive and nice. I will say, that's a -deep- menu system they have, haha. The focus tracking system is amazing, but why is it so difficult to toggle in and out of? 1/3 stop of light loss is not visible when you compare real world work, not even at ery high ISO (yes, tested, with large prints). If you need an external app to configure a camera to your liking, you’ve already lost the battle. Are you claiming that its only you who gets it and everyone else in the business is just dumb. But who wants to fiddle around with exchangeable lenses.... @dpfan32 not sure if you knew but you can get the Sony 6400 as a kit with the 18-135 zoom instead of the the 16-50. When you're setting up the function menu, you can view the structure of the actual function screen. Why the ubiquity of this 18-135/18-150 zoom range? > External app is better in two respects <...>. Tried Sony 6400 with sigma 30mm 1.4 and seen noticeable barrel distortion. Serious question .. how do my "old" Sony A850 and A77 cameras compare for stills IQ? No, it's not really a similar strategy. The a6400 doesn’t feature in-body stabilisation (so far the only Sony APS-C … Looking at the image quality section, I'm quite impressed how the A6000 still provides matching imagery. Improved noise suppression has led to cleaner image quality, even in dark scenes where high-sensitivity shooting is required. The camera will instantly lock onto the target subject and keep it in constant focus. Sony spent the last couple of years focusing on FF MILC. Grab the best of life. The big news is that it has a new processor based on that used in Sony's sports-shooting flagship a9 which enables 'Real-Time Tracking' autofocus, which is one of the most effective autofocus implementations we've yet seen. Firstly, because the 1.4 aperture of the trifecta sigma primes becomes unusable for me in normal sunlit day and secondly and more importantly this omission just makes me feel as if I have to make a compromise in this cool posibility to shoot wide open in sunlit day for the sake of it, just because sony says so, as I see no reason for them to not include it. Stable, fast, versatile, and compact, the new Sony a6400 mirrorless camera boasts the world’ s fastest AF acquisition of 0.02 seconds, Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Tracking capabilities, high-speed shooting up to 11 fps and silent shooting up to 8 fps, … @captura - "Why should Sony waste resources developing new APSC lenses when Sigma and others are doing it for them?". Sony doesn't even consider it to be an "enthusiast-level" camera because they say an "enthusiast-level" APS-C camera is coming: So there is no upgrade path between Canon APS-C mirrorless and Canon FF mirrorless. Not so much for crowded situations. These companies just don't realise, that people look at this, torture themselves with this tough choice and finally decide that it's just better to buy Oly E-M1 mark ii or Pany G9. We've broken down the differences and how they compare to their rivals. This also seemed to be the only way to lock focus and recompose (that works reliably, so far). The new processor seems to give much better range of light and dark areas, sort of lightening the dark areas and darkening the bright ones. Alphas. But their design was focused on Sony APS-C, and so the APSC version is much sharper than the M43 version. For sound recording, in addition to the external microphone jack there is also an optional XLR adapter (available separately) to facilitate the use of pro-level microphones to give you better audio quality. Photokina has announced via a press release that after 70 years of shows in Cologne, Germany, it will be indefinitely suspended due to 'decreases in the imaging market’ that have ‘force[d] a hard cut.’. Telefunk, The A6000 has no big drainage of battery when switched off. I might not be able to help now, but I'll ask some more questions to get a better idea of what you're looking for. If moving over to an A7 design style with central EVF, it will be named an A7000. If you're seeing less than CIPA-reported battery life, that means you have various functions in the camera left on such as wifi, apps, and/or high sleep limits on the EVF or LCD keeping them on a long time...or you are doing a lot of viewing/playback, or taking long to line up and take shots. Capture One Express (for Sony) is a free award-winning editing software that provides RAW development, easy management and powerful editing tools. “. The 12 new lenses could be anything, and this is last year's news.Because Sony has only released 2 new APSC lenses since 2012, why should this suddenly happen now?The new lenses, if any, might be FE lenses and lens converters. You will need the following items to setup live streaming. (I do not like to use the screen to initiate tracking. Inconvenient, possibly.. Unusable? The more these cameras appeal to a wide range of users, the more these cameras have a chance of surviving in the market. True, the ergonomics could be better, but even then I know my settings and button layout so well that any changes I need to make are relatively fast. Selfie LCD. Like portability of my new a6400, but it’s not simple... Sony, this is not simple:- There seems to be no easy way to toggle between tracking and not tracking. I plan to get the 16 f1.4 from sigma next, that costs less than half of the fuji 16mm prime. My Menu allows registration of up to 30 different menu items for quick access to menu items you use often. Well, I can't see the detail on the fig leaf. Then the light meter will mostly be fooled much more than 1/3 stop, compared to perfect raw file exposure.

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