One can't be fully charged and the other drained, it won't work. Circular saws from Makita, Milwaukee, and DeWalt are generally better made, more durable, and more effective at a wider variety of cutting tasks. ​The XSS01T was the one kit that was for the XSS01Z saw. A note on “skill saws”: You may also read or hear woodworkers and DIY’ers refer to circular saws as “skill saws”. ​Home Depot ​did not have any in stock at my local store or any other nearby stores but could ship it (in store) in 5 - 10 days or about 3 - 4 days to my door. The best corded circular saw will cut through the toughest materials with ease, and you never have to worry about the batteries running out. ​The Makita XSH01Z is a 36 ​volt cordless circular saw and if you ​look at the picture on the right, the blade is on the right side of the saw, not the left side. The SH02Z is recommended for light duty tasks and thinner materials. They are more resistant to damage when dropped from a height, and they are less likely to get bent out of shape as well. Circular saws are motor-equipped tools that enable you to cut through wooden boards quickly. It is powered by a 20 Volt battery which generates 4000 RPM. This is made for light duty - medium duty metal cutting applications. with a battery attached! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. I would definitely categorize the XSS03Z to be for light duty use but they can also be used for medium duty applications in the sense that ​it can cut a lot of plywood or other sheeting material, including interior trim. ​There first kit was labeled the XSH03T and this kit came with: ​The other kit was the XSH03MB which was identical to the XSH03T but had a 4.0Ah battery instead of the 5.0Ah battery. Most circular saws you will see in woodworking shops and DIY workshops are the sidewinder varieties. Don’t be the best builder, be the informed DIY’er, and build on your own goddamn projects. Other features that really make it stand out are the bevel capability and the metal blade guard. ​That's exactly what I did and it made ​each individual saw really stand out! I would also recommend it for people who want the power of a corded saw but without the hassle of power cords. They are also quite effective at bevel cuts, making them some of the most versatile power tools you can have in your arsenal. Keep in mind that some saws that cut 45° bevels effectively may not be able to make very deep cuts at 0°. ​​CPO ​had t​he saw in stock but there were only two left of the time, so be sure they are available for ordering through CPO. Most corded saws have 7.5” blades that can make sufficiently deep cuts into most types of boards, but cordless saws are just enough to cut through 4/2 timbers. Jigsaw vs circular saw | When to use what tool? Dewalt is one of the most popular power tools brands out there. Blades with more teeth are generally able to make smoother cuts, while blades with fewer teeth cut faster and are more efficient at removing material. A note on “skill saws”: You may also read or hear woodworkers and DIY’ers refer to circular saws as “skill saws”. The first thing we like about Makita left blade circular saw is its premium features with a medium range. That really seemed to be the common thread between all of these issues that were reported. The 12V Saw: There was, in fact, only one saw that made this category (the SH01ZW) and the pricing structure was well under $100, so it is not included in the "overall" pricing comparison I am referring to. ​The kit was labeled as Makita's XSC02T and come with everything you see in the picture (to the right). The Bosch CCS180B concludes this list of the best circular saws. Bigger motors generally provide more power and better performance.