Simba and Kion make an effort to invade the Outlands and defeat Scar's army, whilst Janja grows uncomfortable with fighting the Lion Guard and is hesitant to join Jasiri's army, which leads to Scar attempting to kill him and the Lion Guard by trapping them in a fire. Fuli helps Kiara, Tiifu, Zuri and Dhahabu. Cubs practice their hunting skills by stalking each other. Askari was the first lion in the lion royal family to become the leader of the Lion Guard. [5], Ford Riley and Howy Parkins decided to retain the visual qualities of the original Lion King film. Kion tells everyone to come back to Mizimu Grove and he shows them Makini's baobab tree. Once they hit daylight Tiifu starts running towards it. Here, Kion meets Nuka and Kovu, a pair of young male lions who decide to take him to their mother. Tembo while they take out the rest of the fire. dcom. Kion and Rani roar over their Kingdom as the Pride Landers and Tree of Life inhabitants cheer back in approval, with the spirits of Mufasa, Askari, Janna, and the Great Lions of the Past watching proudly down on them. $29.99 $ 29. Kovu says that Zira has completed her journey through the Circle of Life. Season 2 began airing on July 7th, 2017. Ono might get healed too. It is also the first time lions were antagonists in The Lion Guard. After the two Guard battle, Kiara and Kovu stop the fight and bring them all back to Pride Rock to explain the story of how Kovu was raised to believe that Simba was the enemy, but befriended him and Kiara and as a result, betrayed Zira, and with the help of Kiara, united Simba's Pride and the Outsiders, whilst Zira, refusing to let go of her hate, was killed. 2. Lions Over All is a song from season 1 The Lion Guard episode 20 “Lions of the Outlands” It is sung by Zira and Kion and perfomed by Nika Futterman and Max Charles. Once the herds are calm everyone is not happy and are scared they claim that they want to leave. Jasiri takes Kion to the Outlands after telling him about lions taking over her family's watering hole. At first Simba doesn't like trusting Janja but Makuu convinces him otherwise. \"Throughout the movie and the series, the diverse team of young animals will learn how to utilize each of their unique abilities to solve problems and accomplish tasks to maintain balance within the Circle of Life, while also introducing young viewers to the va… By the time of Season 3, the final battle between the Pride Landers and the Outlanders finally come to a conclusion in the Battle for the Pride Lands special. Watch full episodes of The Lion Guard online. Il a également la bonne idée d'approfondir la mythologie de ses personnages. Tigers are felines that appear in The Lion Guard universe. Jason Mardsen voices Kovu as cub, even though in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, he didn't voice Kovu until when he became an adolescent. 6 - 6.8 ft for male (Adult) 5.2 - 6 ft for female (Adult) Throughout the first season, the backgrounds will be colored with a variety of green hues, reflecting the rainy season of the African savanna. Rani and Kion start to bond over each other, with Rani warming up to Kion. Lion eyes are most commonly amber, but brown, green, and blue eyed lions have been observed. The series centers around Kion, the son of Simba and Nala who is tasked with the daunting duty of leading the Lion Guard, a group tasked with the perseverance of the Pride Lands. Once the battle is over, Kion and Rani form a deep romantic bond, which leads to Kion wondering if he should stay at the Tree of Life. Lifespan [6], The Lion Guard has been able to take facts about animals that live in the Serengeti and incorporate them into the plots of the episodes.[7]. When Ono can't see they get  Ono to Rafiki. Rani tells Kion she's glad the Roar has returned again and Kion affirms it's here to stay. The Lion Guard Volume 6 . Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Askari teaches Kion new ways to use the Roar of the Elders. The Lion Guard has received mostly positive reviews from critics, though some older fans have criticized the show for being too child friendly in comparison to its predecessor, The Lion King. However since there's no cure for Kion's scar in the Pride Lands he says to go to the Tree of Life the only place to get better. Their eyes have a wide color range as well, including brown, red, orange, green, and blue. Disney Junior Lion Guard Coloring and Activity Book Set -- Lion Guard Imagine Ink Book, Jumbo Coloring Book and Play Pack with Stickers (Party Supplies Pack) 4.6 out of 5 stars 99. Few of the lions that have black manes resembled to the extinct Barbary lion and Cape lion. Disney commissioned a third season before Season 2 finished airing. He is assembling and uniting every animal in the Outlands with the sole intention of exacting his revenge upon Simba and reclaiming the Pride Lands. Here, Kion meets Nuka and Kovu, a pair of young male lions who decide to take him to their mother. Carnivorous Lion Guard's Raid Robe 1,000: 2,500: 6,000: 24,000: 2,500: 18,000: Critical Remedy Whenever you Critically Strike with your Powers, you have a 10% chance to restore 5% of your Maximum Hit Points. As the series progresses, the color scheme will shift to reflect the dry season. Information Role. Origins and organization [edit | edit source]. Many new books inspired by the series will be released in late 2015 and early 2016. Il permet de clôturer les intrigues de la Saison 2 et d'ouvrir de nouvelles pistes pour la Saison 3. Kion and Kiara sniff out for Muhangus. Kion then summons the Great Lions of the Past with a gentle blow of air who then summon rain over the volcano. The contest is a best of 5 challenge between both Lion Guards, where the members that represent their roles on the team (fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest, and Keenest of Sight) face off against each other to see which is better at their role. However, she is cornered among the flames by Janja, Reirei, Kiburi, and their respective followers. When Scar is gone the herds start to worry. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Makini becomes the royal Mzjuzi for Queen Rani. They soon find out that Tiifu is afarid of the dark and the gang tries to find away out. While trying to get to the Tree of Life, Bunga causes a rock slide trying to reach a beehive. Scientific name Trust us when we say that there is never a bad time for having new and exciting The Lion Guard Games online on our website today, and for that very reason we now want to share with everyone the game called The Lion Guard To The Rescue, a fun and exciting … on now. Diet The Buddhist version of the Lion was originally introduced to Han China as the protector of dharma and these lions have been found in religious art as early as 208 BC. Kion tells Rani they'll make a great team and Rani responds that they already do. Starehe and Raha save them again and Dhahabu makes them her new guards. Kion is confused about why he would still need the roar if he's not the leader of the Lion Guard anymore? Yet Kion soon learns he has a destiny of his own. games. Hibernation Both sexes have a tail tuft, always black in color, though cubs are born without this tuft. He asks Kiara to show Dhahabu around the Pride Lands with Tiifu and Zuri. Both Lion Guards argue over what to do and Azaad solves the problem by telling Thurston to just walk backwards and he's out of the hole instantly. After using the Roar of the Elders in anger, Kion accidental summons Scar, the worst lion ever to rule the Pride Lands. 2019 | TV-Y | CC. Rafiki says that there's nothing he can do about Ono's eyes. With help from the hyenas, and Mzingo's Parliament (who reformed after Scar's defeat) the Guard plans venture to stop Kovu but are halted by Kovu's sister Vitani and a group of lionesses, Shabaha, Kasi, Imara, and Tazama, who launch an attack with the phrase "Till the Pride Lands' end, Lion Guard defend!" Attention to detail and care to the storytelling is a key component to the series, as wildlife education experts at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park will serve as consultants on stories for the show, and author and Swahili expert Sarah Mirza is the language and cultural advisor[4]. The next day everyone meets at Pride Rock for an annoucement. Seasons Weight In Long Live the Queen, Queen Janna has finally passed away of old age, leaving her legacy behind to her granddaughter, who becomes the new Queen of the Tree of Life, and is comforted by Kion after her grandmother's death. A video showing the events leading up to the series. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Kiara is the future queen and the princess. Kion always gets advice from him. The jackals come back again and this time they're joined by a couple of crocodiles. 1. Cubs born in the same litter may also have different fathers, especially if the pride that they and their mother are a part of is dominated by more than one male. Rani becomes the new queen of the Tree of Life. It is an instrumental piece with African chanting vocals. Watch it on DisneyNow, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. Each episode features a song that 'balances authentic African sound with kid-friendly pop'.[1]. When Scar declares that he and Kion are the same, Kion replies that he forgives Scar for what he has done, much to Scar's horror. That night Dhahabu tells the Pridelanders that they're welcomed to save their Watering Hole forever. The first challenge is a contest between the Strongest members over who can be the first to push a giant rock with an elephant on top to a tree on the other side of a field. A full list can be accessed here. Kion and Ono get injured during the battle, with Kion notably sporting a scar on his left eye, in a similar form of his great uncle's, and The Lion Guard must embark on an epic quest to the Tree of Life to get them healed. Nala takes Kion and Kiara on a trail to Udugu. During his healing, Kion is visited by the ghost of Askari, the first leader of the Lion Guard, who trains him on how to master the Roar, so he can truly let go of it. Sometime later, we see the Pride Landers gather around at the Tree of Life and the marriage of Kion and Rani, as well as resulting in Kion's coronation as the King of the Tree of Life. At the Lair of the Lion Guard, Rafiki tells the story of how Zira and her family were banished. and more Disney Junior games online for free on DisneyNOW! Kion and the Lion Guard have grown into young adolescents as the months pass, with Kion's power getting stronger. Though it could be possible that at this point in his cubhood, Kovu's voice broke. Watch the Official TV promo songs from THE LION GUARD Season 3 an Disney animation series. Their eyes are brown, and the fur on their muzzles is dark. 4.7 out of 5 stars 38. My Own Way Lyrics: Don't know why my friends don't understand / They can't deny that I know who I am / I love the hunt and the chase / The thrill of the race / And doin' it on my own / Nothing wrong After sending Baliyo flying, the leader, Rani, says to Kion that he and his friends will never be welcomed to the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard (Asiatic Lion) The Lion Guard - Protectors of the Pridelands! Kasi uses up her energy too quickly in the beginning while Fuli paced herself and Fuli sprints past Kasi near the end of the race to win. Kion talks to Thurston who says that the zebras will protect the Pride Lands while they're gone. Everyone decides to stay in the Pride Lands and Makini plants the tree. The Lion Guard spreads out, accepting help from several of Ma Tembo's herd members, while Ma Tembo leads the rest of the herd out of the valley. During his time he brought peace between the lions and elephants. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 16. Shabaha gets scared when she sees the crocodiles while Bunga easily gets across them. The Lion Guard Games; Adventure Games; Animal Games; Disney Channel Games; Description. Vitani wonders what Kion meant by mastering the roar and Kion shows her by using the roar to lift the entirety of Pride Rock off the ground. Kion remembers what Askari told him that only one who can let go of the roar completely can truly master it. Simba feels bad for not telling them but he says he did it for a good reason. Askari tells Kion there's another place that could use the roar's help and Kion realizes he's talking about the Tree of Life. Kion manages to save the Pride Lands from a hyena invasion, lead by Janja, a greedy hyena who resides in the Outlands, who plots to break apart the Circle of Life and take over the Pride Lands. Lion Guard: THE END - King Kion & Queen Rani! Kion, voiced by Max Charles: Simba and Nala's son, Kiara's younger brother, leader of the Lion Guard, and the main protagonist. The Lion Guard brings viewers back to the rich world of one of Disney’s most beloved films, The Lion King. Fuli, voiced by Diamond White: Kion's king cheetahfriend an… Simba is at Pride Rock with Rafiki watching over the Pride Lands. Soo. Despite the tradition that the Lion Guard has always been made of lions, Kion appoints his friends Bunga the honey badger, Beshte the hippopotamus, Fuli the cheetah, and Ono the egret, and together, they set out to keep their homeland safe and protect it from animals who do not respect the Circle of Life. 3. Every song is used to point out an educational moral that can be learned from the events. [1]. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The finale premiered November 3rd, 2019, which is also nineteen days before the 4 year anniversary of Return of the Roar. In The Scorpion's Sting, Kion finally meets his evil great-uncle when venturing the Outlands to find a cure for Simba after he is stung by a scorpion. Due to that, Kion and the old Lion Guard lose their Marks of the Guard which depresses them. Male: 190 kg (Adult) Female: 130 kg (Adult) This child is anointed and presented before the animals of the Kingdom in a ceremony that occurs early in the morning. and protects the Circle of Life. As of Season 2, Kion's evil great-uncle Scar has returned, offering advice to enemies of the Lion Guard. Return to the Pride Lands Season 3 … While Kion wins ultimately, Vitani states she can lead without the Roar, which leads to Kion anointing Vitani as his successor and the new leader of the Lion Guard. It consists of one special (Rise of Scar) and 29 episodes. The Lion Guard (also known as the "Lions of Trump" or the "Lion's Guard Militia") was a political group that was formed in 2016 in order to provide self-imposed security (outside of private security and professional law enforcement) at the rallies of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump.. Each lion has a unique pattern and amount of whiskers that stays with it as long as the animal lives. Simba's Pride operates in a monarchy, where the firstborn child of the current ruler sits in line for the throne as the crown prince or princess. In the season 2 finale, The Lion Guard manages to claim a victory against Scar's army by driving out his vultures with the help of a Martial Eagle named Anga, Ono, and Hadithi. Real Life (Asiatic Lion) It's kinda common knowledge, really. over the fire while the guard took it out. The Lion guard escort them and a fire hits the ground due by "Dry Lighting." They are the second largest big cat after the tiger. Tiifu comes back to calm him down and everyone gets out of the cave. Simba is the king of the Pride Lands, Nala is the queen. Knowing that the greatest fear of the King was that some animals would start to worry and wouldn't any longer feel safe in the Pridelands.