I vividly recall our last conversation about a year ago near the end of pheasant season. And believe you me, many a cagey hunter has over the years used Chestnut Mountain as clever cover for an actual kill site. A man who volunteered for Civil War service after his 60th birthday, Field had, by the time of this formal portrait, served many years as deacon of the Charlemont Congregational Church and lived a distinguished, pious life. To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten those notes existed. Today, this abrupt, twisted landform we know as Sugarloaf – for millennia a visual reference for travelers and an observation point for residents – continues to challenge storytellers to conform the Beaver Tale to the times. I fiddled with the plastic box and was able to slide it off a frame secured to the tree. "Mounsieur Medieval Tavern Pictures, Images and Stock Photos. That was no Chestnut Hill buck. Hopewell Swamp hugs the base of the plain’s undulating western lip for approximately 3½ miles south, to within view of Hatfield Pond’s northern reach. What a freakin’ fiasco, misinformation swirling like a meandering cyclone. Medieval Tavern Dinner in Prague MENU 2 (poultry). I forwarded the photos to two trusted friends and experts, Peter A. Thomas and R. Michael Gramly, a pair of sage, PhD archaeologist/anthropologists with decades of field experience and knowledge. Imagine that! I don’t remember the topic of the first, only that my grade was an A, and – horrors – the teacher read my paper aloud to the class. He failed to mention progenitor Zachariah Field’s Pequot War service and, curiously, his own direct and peripheral family connections to Deerfield’s infamous 1704 attack. Old Medieval Tavern Escape Game Walkthrough. Plants, animals, mountains, springs and even some stones have spirits that must be included in cosmological council. “What a magnificent tree. From peak to peak, Dry Hill and Chestnut Mountain are separated by less than three miles – in the neighborhood, so to speak, but more than far enough apart for a hunter trying to conceal a favorite haunt. He was born and bred there, which cannot be said of the Framingham native Temple. I’ve been playing this game since 1989, starting in the weeks after my spinster great-aunt Gladys Sanderson died overnight during the summer of 1989. Purely in-town vernacular usage would explain why another respected 19th-century valley historian, Sylvester Judd (1789-1860), follows suit. Here today, gone tomorrow, Rudolphus Sanderson was my third great-granduncle. Like they say all the time in Chicopee: You can’t make it up. Deacon D.W. Childs of Deerfield insured his life a short time since for $1,000.”. Though valuable, fertile, and desirable, the disputed strip of Hatfield land below Sugarloaf remained unsettled for 77 years after purchase and 53 years after the town line was officially marked. Canterbury came into existence as a place between places in early Hatfield-Deerfield lore, a perilous no-man’s land where only the brave dared linger, even then on high alert. Tavern, an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises. Heath forester Bill Lattrell, a man of aristocratic Native American roots, understands such belief systems. There he would spend the night alone in a tent, his wheels of curiosity humming. “Fair enough?”. A case in point occurred during the writing of this piece, relating to what I believed I recalled of Deerfield’s Tercentenary. Anyone interviewing a successful hunter must respect this confidentiality code. Still, there are other Native American myths that involve the killing of vicious or unruly beavers, so the man-eating twist was probably a colonial misinterpretation. We climbed under the fence and walked to the edge of the pond basin in which it stood. The full performance could have been reserved for promontories on the eastern or western horizon from which the Pocumtuck Range’s beaver profile could be clearly deciphered; maybe even from atop Mount Sugarloaf itself – the beaver’s head, its eyes, its brain. Newest results. After I had obtained all the facts I could gather from the man named Bill something-or-other, I phoned the Hatfield hunter to get his story. Close inspection of the stone revealed drill holes indicative of modern quarrying. Then we’d close it out on December hardwood ridges during the shotgun and blackpowder deer seasons. with holes; the irrepressible Lucio in Measure for Poring through sources I owned, they were helpful in identifying additional sources to probe. I owned my late grandfather’s home in South Deerfield and hunted with townie friends like Timmy Dash, Big Stosh, Fast Eddie, Hopper White, and the Young Count. Embedded audio playback is not supported by your browser. Although the regional preferences didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that the Montague carving had been executed by an indigenous carver of Connecticut Valley heritage, it did raise warning flags. Following a sudden health event brought on by advancing age, one that doctors apparently never totally understood, he had lost his eyesight overnight a few years ago. With evening approaching, they were exercising their dog by tossing a ball into the river for retrieval. “The horse, released from the buggy, was uninjured. So now the story has finally been told in black and white. His fellow found So, both women are highly capable, articulate scholars and storytellers working at prestigious colleges. In more recent years, Dassatti has tended a long, narrow garden strip maybe 200 yards southeast of the tree. However with the fall of the Western Roman Empire they seem to have somewhat faded into the background. A tavern meal. This pack features a full Tavern interior As well as all popular model formats included to use in any engine, we also supply the unity 5 level:FULL UNITY scene level included The pack contains over 30 inn props too - such as the candles, tankards, pots etc. Thomas had discovered an informative video by Kassabaum about the underwater panther and queried her, while Gramly thought it wise to run it past Bourque, a longtime friend and colleague who’s seen many Maine petroglyphs. Click to hear a conversation* with Falstaff, charged with "lodging strange men in his bed with him and his The tavern is underground and were shown to our reserved spot which had rustic table and benches. First, the glyph’s straight edges and depth suggested metal tools to him. While hands can heave the pot, Progenitor Zachariah Field is found among the 161 names cut in stone on the Hartford Founders Monument. “Trust me. Sorry, Kid. University of Victoria Buffalo robe? When I ran into a particularly vexing snag, I’d compose a concise query in the CompuServe forum and typically receive a prompt and professional answer with a greeting of “Hi Cuz” or “Hello Cuzzin.”. Dispatched by a blow to the neck, the giant beaver sank to the bottom of [Lake Hitchcock] and “turned to stone.”, Sheldon was also more precise in describing the beaver carcass left on the landscape for all to see. I already miss Scott’s quiet presence out in his yard, across the street at one of his barns or walking the roads on his smiling daily rounds; and I miss his soft voice, his local wisdom, and his warm blue Yankee eyes that reminded a lot me of my father’s. Nothing wrong with that. So I'd like any information that anyone could give me about games that were played in taverns between the 12-14 centuary. Anyone who’s traveled River Road from Hatfield to Whately knows the spectacle. I’d like to see it.”. From no perspective does Sugarloaf fit that profile better than from the meadows stretching out a mile south from its base. The Seven Stars (vij Sterres) – according to medieval knowledge, the seven stars represented the sun, the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Truly unique tavern. The answer to that inquiry could gone a half a day. It stimulated my imagination, stirred memories, and propelled me not ahead but back 50 years and more, to younger days relevant to the present. Sugar Loaf) and the body is the northward range.”. The humble man remained upbeat, seemed to accept his blindness with aplomb and without regrets or complaints. In recent years, new life has been pumped into this deep-history oral tale by scholarly, professional, Abenaki storytellers, Marge Bruchac and Lisa Brooks, among other Native contributors who continue to come forward with their own little tweaks and twerks to an alluring tale. If my memory serves me well, this particular monster buck was recorded at the long-ago shuttered Pioneer Valley Sporting Center on Damon Road in Northampton. There seems to be no short answer these days. It’s a fitting final resting place for the man who, in 1831, married Chloe Maxwell Leavitt, granddaughter of Charlemont’s conservative minister Rev. Come dressed as a Knight, King, Jester, Lady, Viking or Dragon and participate in many authentic displays. In the tavern they will play a game in which they will make a wager. When a border dispute immediately arose over the parcel that became Canterbury, between the Deerfield and northern Bradstreet Grant lines, the town line was fixed east and west from the point where Sugarloaf Brook crossed the Indian trail. A beaver profile has but three components: a head, a body, and a flat tail. I’d publish a weekly 200-pound club report. The engine struck his buggy and threw Mr. Sanderson several feet to the side of the railbed. I can’t claim salient memories from Whately’s 1971 Bicentennial Celebration, but I definitely passed through. I studied the series of shots and was intrigued by the carving, which I immediately recognized as the mythical underwater panther – Mishebeshu is one of many spellings – of Native American cosmological lore. Medieval dining experience in the historical place of old Vilnius.Сomplete immersion in the atmosphere of 14 century with authentic music and taste. $('#embed-d13').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d13 .me-err-fallback').html()}); Click for more on Shakespeare's pronunciation. "catches," or rounds, often with a bawdy meaning hidden in In Algonquian culture, Hobomock was a creator, a transformer, and a mischievous, humorous trickster known by many spellings and names, including but not limited to Koluskap, Gluscape, Glooscap, and Maushop along the Northeastern coast, as well as Odziozo, Nenabozho, Nanabozho, and Nanabush to inland Natives extending through the Great Lakes. The previously established northern extension of Deerfield had been settled for years, running a mile east and a mile west from the mouth of the Green River, and three-quarters of a mile north. The worn, grey building stands diagonally across the road from Paciecnik’s Creamee. Good thing the boy was unaware of my interest in words and language. They were brother-in-law Joseph Sanderson and Nathaniel Sartwell (often spelled Sawtell). wife.". Back then, the elementary school was on the other side of Bloody Brook, where there was also a circular, concrete wading pool with a central fountain circulating water in summer. The Great Swamp is still populated by hemlocks and white oaks, both of which do well in wet habitats and would have been prevalent in colonial times as well. A major problem with all three early historians’ tales is that beavers are herbivores, and thus do not eat meat. Measure uses the game as one of his euphemisms for and spices; beer was made with the addition of the relatively remorse of voice?" On some mornings, yes, a phone call is part of my routine. In a foul mood, this lurking creature was known to emerge from the depths to pull swimmers and boaters to drowning death. Other animal names for taverns include The Horse, The Lamb and The Old Bull. A treasure trove of local history focused on the old Hatfield/Whately neighborhood called Canterbury, the peripheral information among many debits and credits enhanced some of the Hatfield records most interesting to me personally. President Sheldon had in the early days of his organization implored his “antiquarian” colleagues to record important local history by writing it down for posterity before it vanished in thin air, never again to see the light of day. There were games, festivals, and things for recreation. At night, they’d rise to feed in the hayfield under the cover of darkness, munching the same nutritious clover and rye on which his dairy herd once feasted. If you can get an accurate town of kill, you’re doing well. I’ve squeezed in a lot of reading and local-history probes since spring, all the while maintaining a yard, harvesting my rhubarb, berries and meaty Romas, tidying the barn, observing wildlife – particularly neighborhood deer at the crack of dawn, when they’re still out – and chatting with neighbors on my daily rounds. Slices of roasted red and yellow beets, cheese mousse and fresh bread. For quaffing doth pass If, however, such powerful forces were alert to the telling and insulted or disrespected, they could and very likely would strike back at disrespectful gatherings. That’s why it wasn’t settled until the late date of 1749, by outsider Abraham Parker of Groton. When our rambling conversation turned to the deer I had jumped that day – and many other times over the years – in the field hidden by a tree line forming the northern perimeter of his old pasture, now a hayfield, he warmly smiled. Bruchac and Brooks have many tendrils reaching into those upper-Champlain Native communities, and thus understand the melting-pot dynamics dating back hundreds of years. Pressey upped it to 156 words, adding his own unique spin. Well – Bingo! “Why do you keep doubting it’s real?” he barked. That’s precisely where my Saturday-morning walk took me: a half-century back in time. It is what it is – just another uncanny example of Native intuition. No need fo do anything except enjoy ourselves. intercourse, as he laments that Claudio's life "may be thus The main meal was pottage, a thick stew made by boiling vegetables and grains. The name “Canterbury” is written on the first maps of Whately. So, now we are even. So, not only did this warning sign stand a short distance below a treacherous whirlpool; it also stood near the crossroads of two major travel arteries, one by land, the other by water. The Gazette story reported that Sanderson had traveled from Whately to Meadow Mills for a “grist” and was killed on the return trip. Still, unlikely as it may seem, it happened. Who made it? So, there his old friend stood as he worked, blotting out some of the hills called Sunsick on the western horizon. But wait a minute. Born 1799 and raised in Northfield, he died at 85 in Charlemont in 1884. In cellar never was Not men or mammals, fish or frogs, snakes or salamanders, ducks or geese. Eleven years later, in her 2016 PVMA online essay “The Geology and Cultural History of the Beaver Hill Story,” she still used the documented Pocumtuck names for landscape features and locations. I’ve told it many times in conversation but never written it. An underwater panther in Montague? To quaff carouse so sound, Bruchac’s first publication of the Sugarloaf tale was in the essay “Earthshapers and Placemakers: Algonkian Indian Stories and the Landscape,” which appeared in the 2005 compilation Indigenous Archaeologies: Decolonizing Theory and Practice. Settlement had been a long time coming for fertile croplands purchased in 1672. Surprisingly, the cooperative sources confirmed much of the information I had stored away in grey matter and, yes, brought in many interesting new twists. I out by the barn picking raspberries when I initiated our first interaction with some playful remark to his friend, Erin, a young girl whose parents live next door. Their publication has much to say about the Denison and Bradstreet Grants and the settlement of the original northeast corner of town without ever once mentioning the name Canterbury. The cool-weather treats justify my sweaty summer chore. An abundance of food, drink, friends, and entertainment made the tavern a perfect place to gather after a long, hard day of work or travel. No, I’m not saying such online forums no longer exist. When we exited our pickups and before introductions, Lattrell, looking directly at the tree, gave us a knee-jerk estimate, given what he could see from where we stood. Warm, too. They call that reciprocity, don’t they? A police spokesman told the Greenfield Recorder he was confident he knew who was responsible, which was likely true, because it was no secret around town. Before pavilion construction, the field served as an agricultural plot where silage corn was grown in my youth, even occasional potatoes if I’m not mistaken. By 1750, and probably a generation earlier, they had, according to late, great anthropologist Gordon Day, adopted the language of their Sokoki hosts, many of whom had previously lived around Northfield. Allis place to the Deerfield line.” Today, that description seems to have been conveniently extended some 200 feet south to Christian Lane by someone. But I’d wager that the impressive wall mount is still on display somewhere in the valley. Praise the joys of capitalism. Drinking songs preserve some sense of the vitality of the He instead refers to the earliest settlers on both sides of the town line along Sugarloaf’s southern skirt as “Sugarloaf people.” He uses the description to identify residents petitioning for relief from Deerfield church and school taxes because their families attended both across the river in Sunderland. Ooooops! in town, possibly as crude as the house where the owner was It has become the peg they hang their hat on, an enticing tale that draws listeners. The medieval tavern is fixed in our imaginations as a warm and festive place, where one could while away a cold, wet night in relative comfort. Out of the focused reading arose growing suspicions in my mind about the source of the Montague petroglyph. And totally - no forks! I was sitting at my desk crafting the opening paragraphs of a column, when a sudden distraction flashed in the lower right-hand corner of my laptop screen. Whatever I said drew the kids’ attention. Comments (2). I should have known better, given his previous place of residence – that UMass bedroom community known to sarcastic Trump supporters as The Peoples’ Republic of Montague Center. The lords of cyberspace knew my interests well, pitched me for the umpteenth time and, finally, I accepted to gain quick, temporary access to needed census and vital records. Staring him in the face was a well-executed petroglyph of a strange creature he thought could be a resting deer with a snake or eel beneath it. No one is certain precisely why or when it was so named, or who named it. I freeze them in flat, layered Ziplock bags, which provide sweet, succulent, off-season breakfasts when mixed in cold cereal, steaming oatmeal and, every now and then, tasty muffins baked in cast-iron pans. Just downstream, clinging to the Connecticut’s East Deerfield shoreline, lies exposed, red-sandstone bedrock known historically as Sheldon’s Rocks. This is a tale that took place decades ago. Undoubtedly an outspoken Lincolnian Republican, Field’s tall, mushroom-capped gravestone stands in East Charlemont’s Leavitt Cemetery, situated along the Mohawk Trail on the western skirt of Charlemont Academy. Could it possibly be unknown to locals? We finally connected last week, when we in front of the Deerfield Inn. Now Native American Literature – the study of oral history captured on wax cylinders – is under a finely-tuned scholarly microscope. Obviously, now that field trip will never happen. According to Pressey, the Great Beaver preyed upon fish and, when food became scarce, took to eating men of the river villages. Yes, he said, deer often bed in that field after feeding on acorns along the north-south oak ridge behind it. Bruchac completed her undergraduate BA at Smith College in 1999, before earning her MA (2003) and PhD (2007) at UMass-Amherst. Today, the places name Hopewell and Canterbury have faded to vestiges of the past. The train was immediately stopped and backed down to the crossing and Mr. Sanderson was carried into Mr. Billings’ [home]. Medieval Fayre 2020: There & Back Again * * * * * * Counting finished! Just one more nagging reminder that I’m getting old is the realization that this will be my second rodeo. So, of course, the boy didn’t hesitate to object to my insensitive word choice. Their insights into Northeastern indigenous cultures and their understanding of the Native cosmos are top-shelf, yet not entirely unimpeachable in my eyes. Gitmo would be too good for them! Razed in the summer of 2013, this Whately building represented the last standing of four consecutive Sanderson homes on the west side of the River Roadconsuming more than a half-mile of frontage on the 1871 Beers Atlas map. You know how that goes. He wondered if I was familiar with his Montague find. churches* became more (Shakespeare, parodying Malvolio as a A Whately Historical Commissioner and professional genealogist, she’s working on a book about old Whately homes and families and, out of the clear, blue sky a few weeks ago, decided to pick my brain about the Elijah Sanderson farmstead on the southern foot of Mt. The tree was the hunter’s friend and associate, offering cover. A medieval tavern with a bar and rentable bedrooms. It was a Dry Hill-High Ridge racker, and an extraordinary one at that. So goes the tale of Montague’s mysterious underwater panther. Dwyer Lot, the site of the beef barbecue and Rotary Club Beer Fest, was right across Pleasant Street from the home my parents shared with my grandfather for my first 12 years of boyhood. Old Medieval Tavern Escape Game Walkthrough. But at least with role-playing games like Dungeon & Dragons or Pathfinder, you can save the lady in peril using miniature figurines instead of getting your metal armor all dinged up in hand to hand combat! Why? Despite being left with more questions than answers at this early juncture, I’m making good progress and am confident many more answers will surface before this probe is finished. There is much online information on this mythical beast, most commonly associated with Ojibwa and other Great Lakes tribes. Medieval people eat and drink. Despite their different appearance – one with legs, the other without – they were the same beast playing the same cosmological role: in perpetual warfare with thunderbirds, lords of the Sky World in the indigenous Eastern Woodlands realm. A tavern of the later Medieval period might be imagined as a fairly substantial building of several rooms and a generous cellar. In fact, he wore it on his sleeve. Her uncle was prestigious Greenfield lawyer, judge and state senator Jonathan Leavitt, whose sprawling Federal home still stands in downtown Greenfield. Talk about a show-stopper. Chur, GR / Switzerland - 29. “Where did you come up with that petroglyph?”, “A kayaker found it on the Connecticut River.”, “Interesting. Describing the evolution and function of indigenous landscape tales, she stuck to the documented Pocumtuck-language place names for Mount Sugarloaf (Wequomps on a 1672 deed; now more commonly Wequamps, which she translates as “the place where a hill drops off”), the Pocumtuck Range (Pemawatchuwatunck), and the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers, as they appeared in the earliest deeds. The swirling vortex is created by the collision at an odd angle of two powerful natural forces – the Deerfield and Connecticut rivers – capable during high-water events of swallowing a canoe and spitting it out. We can now only rely on scholarly interpretation and literary intervention, which is fun and captivating indeed, but not the real deal. Known to state wildlife biologists as “The Four Corners,” because Whately, Williamsburg, Ashfield, and Conway meet there, I preferred to hunt the ridges traversed by Henhawk Trail, an old Indian footpath and discontinued road leading from the Whately-Williamsburg line to Cricket Hill in Conway. He listened, immediately picked one, remarked how easily it pulled from the stem, put it in his mouth and savored the delicate sweetness. ... For the medieval traveller, dining on the open road depended largely on your social class and the hostelry you chose to stay at. But to the beer or barrel, Many tavern songs were A tavern meal. But, no, they were not one people before Europeans arrived in our valley – though the Sokoki had, by the turn of the 17th century, established their southernmost physical presence in new villages on the northern periphery of Pocumtuck territory. I then followed it about three feet to the left, where it was anchored to another tree base, creating a tripwire. What was his claim to fame? Two men from each town were chosen to blaze trees with the letters “H” on the south and “D” on the north. It’s not surprising. Well, it just so happens that Mr. Field is the man who brought to light the Native American Great Beaver Tale explaining the origin of Deerfield’s Pocumtuck Range. Standing and chatting a short distance from the dead elm as Dassatti circled us taking photos, our private discussion entered into trees, nature and worldview. My search started with Michael Angel’s Preserving the Sacred: Historical Perspectives of the Ojibwa Midewiwin, then moved to Brian Swann’s trilogy on Native American Literature. With little specie available during the Revolutionary War era, debts were paid with labor – such as hoeing corn, cutting firewood, roofing and construction of buildings – and commodities, such as “cyder,” maple syrup, furniture, lumber, chestnut shingles, and animal pelts. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, he moved straight to the point. 2.3.116-17). Oh, how times have changed. The fare includes such dishes as Lentil soup with meat balls, green Swabian cheese dumplings, ox-tongue with wild seafood, grilled chicken knuckles with plums, … Thankfully, at the last minute, I fact-checked the incident, which was a cumbersome task. Of royal Connecticut Valley cloth, the Fields have since the beginning been scattered up and down the fertile river basin. So, the elm definitely heard gunfire from the South Meadows’ Bars Fight below on Aug. 25, 1746. Who knows? Phinehas Field had much to be proud of. Actually, the younger Brooks, 49, completed each step of her degree path a little earlier than Bruchac, earning her BA from Goddard College in 1993, her MA from Boston College in 1998, and her PhD at Cornell in 2004. No Comments. In Bacchus' band rejected the old folk festivals--such as May Day and That was sad. Though Bruchac, 66, is almost a generation older than Brooks, they both began their college careers in the 1990s. Daily offer Medieval meals are combined with traditional Latvian cuisine in the tavern’s daily menu. Main Timetable The main timetable is the same for both Saturday and Sunday. Field came from his own proud New England heritage. My family was no exception. Click for a I know it wasn’t a house. So, I had to rule her out before spending another second trying to arrange a field trip. This one motivated me back to Old Deerfield, where I re-examined my ancestor’s account book. Yes indeed, old Ulmus Americana had a good life in a great place, no richer soil anywhere on the planet. In summation, Lattrell doesn’t believe the giant elm fell victim to a pathogen or poison. Not new to me, it never gets old, and now many of the most essential information is available at the tip of your fingers in cyberspace, necessitating fewer trips to the library. In the 2010 notes, I had fortunately recorded an alphabetical list of the family tannery/shoe-shop patrons, as well as notes of interest here and there regarding specific transactions. Yet they couldn’t have appeared in a timelier fashion. So, why rush it here and now and risk nagging corrections? During medieval times there was a lot of ways that people kept themselves entertained. On one side of the battle line was Nixon’s law-and-order gang, on the other raged the “new left.”. I gave him a lesson in berry-picking; he schooled me in 21st-century political-correctness. Period. New and helpful in this recent hunt for information was my inevitable acceptance of a frequently offered, free, two-week trial of Ancestry.com. In my next column, we’ll take a look at how the Sugarloaf Beaver Myth has evolved since Marge Bruchac and Lisa Brooks have taken control of it. "Come try my courage man to man So, there you have it. When, for the umpteenth time, I repeated an “if it’s real” disclaimer to preface a question about the petroglyph, Gramly would have none of it. Yes, totally appropriate for the day. I watched Kassabaum’s video with interest, and it led me to my study to see what I could find in my bookshelves. Within two or three weeks of my big-buck column hitting the street, my friend and I decided to scout our favorite sections of the expansive woods known on topo maps as the Williamsburg quadrangle. One song is Medieval Tavern. A passing deer would hit the tripwire like I had and stop the timer inside to record the time of passing. And spare not, How times have changed since then. What I do remember is Ena M. Cane’s update of Temple’s and Crafts’ Whately histories and genealogies with a bicentennial book of her own. Why? The first the engineer saw of Mr. Sanderson or his buggy, was Mr. Sanderson’s body thrown up several feet in the air. The reason I suggest uncertainty is that I know memory doesn’t always serve one well, especially on familiar turf, where one story can easily run into another over time. The inner bark of hemlocks and white oaks, including chestnut oaks, contain tannins used in the curing and preservation of leather for shoes, clothing, belts, wallets, and bridal-leather associated with saddles and equestrian straps and reins. pronounced alike. I’d rather continue piecing together the puzzle for a future narrative. He was living with her at the time after retiring from the US Marine Corps. posted in Columns, Genealogy, Indians, Local history, South Deerfield | Now, as we enter the fourth decade of the new Great Beaver Tale paradigm, additional disciples have appeared from the Nipmuc and Narragansett nations, and local newspapers are singing praise of the refreshing new narrative employing Western Abenaki place names.