Welcome to the Microsoft Writing Style Guide, your guide to writing style and terminology for all communication—whether an app, a website, or a white paper. A style guide contains a set of standards for writing and designing content. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Writer #2: Michaels’ thoughts mirror those of many CO marketers, who don’t feel like they’re seeing returns on their content. For example, your social media strategy might detail the type of content you plan to publish, whereas your style guide would explain how that content should look when it’s shared. Canada.ca Content Style Guide Includes writing guidelines, language quality, terminology, plain language, training, and related products. Having a style guide also gives your content managers a bit more leverage when it comes to editing the final copy—they can remind writers of company style and reference a specific page in the style guide. Headline Analyzer. In fact, more and more brands are becoming publishers in their own right, creating content to attract and engage potential customers and brand advocates. Customisable templates make it easy for people to provide any type of content in the correct format, and style. It helps us write clear and consistent content across teams and channels. Style Guide Boilerplate is a template for creating living style guides. Creating a Style Guide is easy – through in-line editing and an intuitive UI. CREATE. A style guide also can be a way to foster content authenticity by containing instructions for all parties creating content for your company. You know your company, your teams, and your workflow. It can be a printed booklet, a digital ebook, or even an interactive design system. Your brand’s content should be consistent in voice and tone (you don’t want your blog posts to be all business while your Facebook posts are overly playful), word choice (no fluctuating between “white paper” and “whitepaper”), and more. The most effective way of ensuring your writers understand your style guide is to have a meeting in person or using video conferencing to talk them through the guide and clarify any questions. Venngage has countless high-quality stock photos you can use to reflect your brand identity and persona. If you insert links into your content, a simple content style guide should also contain details about whether you want links to other pages or to select partners’ websites on your own website. Provide an orientation on the Style Guide to content team members. Once your company gets further along, you can create a full-scale style guide. This ultimate PowerPoint template guide is divided into 4 mini-tutorials. As writers will be producing content that represents your business in the online community, the tone and style embodied by the writing will influence readers’ perceptions of your business and its reputation. Create categories relevant to your style guide and add the links there. If you work at Mailchimp. We use templates for Technical Content, Integration Directory descriptions, marketing guides, and more. The minimalists among us have always preferred it to be short and sweet, so as not to over-complicate instructions for any of the various departments that will handle your brand before any content … To use the template, click the File tab in the top left corner of your browser, then select Make a copy from the drop-down menu. This is our company style guide. This will help you create a dynamic, useful editorial style guide. If your company has multiple logos it uses you can condense the pages down and include all of the above information in single pages, or have pages dedicated to each logo, which you can see in the example from FedEx’s style guide below. Download your Content Style Guide Template Download Now. Please … That being said, many corporate editorial style guides are roughly 5-15 pages long. Present the content 3. Take a minute to read through and spot all the differences between each sentence: Writer #1: 67% of respondents stated that they were not sure how to track ROI on social media, blog posts & newsletters. Guidelines. Be sure to read the pdf info file included in the download for extra usage tips. In addition to this, it’s helpful to draw writers’ attention to the length of paragraphs. What are the issues that they fix every day? Bonus: Get a free, customizable social media style guide template to easily ensure a consistent look, feel, voice, and tone across all your social channels. Topped off with a simple but beautiful design, this style guide provides an amazing template for a successful set of brand guidelines. Styleguide UI Templates Style Guide Preview Template (Sketch) by Tony Jones. Design and layout . An important part of any style guide template for web content writers is the datability of the writing. If you write about computer technology, this guide is for you. There’s always been some dispute over how long exactly a company’s style guide should be. Design framework: organize content consistently throughout the site 3. Incorporate captivating stock photos, engaging icons and visuals, and more for an outstanding final product. Modify and add to the Style Guide template as applicable to support current content creation processes. Nothing feels bunched up and even though there is a ton of information, you can easily move through it. Lucidpress was designed to help you create stunning content that enables the success of your marketing goals. This structure can be repeated throughout the course in each of the modules. In this brand style guide template, they use white space extremely well. Once you have a first draft, however, you can go back and edit or add to the guide as new issues arise. Test every headline before you publish. Creating a content style guide template for the first time can be challenging, and you might find it difficult to provide content writing tips for your website. When one of your editors notices writers running into the same issue over and over again, or someone makes a decision about whether to use “boardroom” or “board room,” it should be added to the guide. Cross link between PDF or webpages to each download as well as having this separate download area. Embedded Content Style Guides improve content quality and consistency Don't let your style guide sit stale in an .pdf, bring it to life inside your Content Editor . Not only will this give you an authoritative resource to which you can direct your writers, but you then also have a platform to work with and alter as you wish. There are many different pieces and parts that go into a successful style guide, and the constant changes and updates to the guide will mean that the document is never complete. Give them a questionnaire with examples of different sentences and style choices to get an idea of the style they like (or don’t like). The way it’s set up depends on how big a company is. Style Guides¶. A simple content style guide template should specify any keywords or topics that writers must include, as well as any topics or phrases they should avoid. The brand style guide template is sized at 8.5″x11″/A4 (so it can be printed!) If you want your writers to source pictures for your posts, you need to include image guidelines in your style guide. Include a policy on linking to other websites, specifying blacklisted websites that writers shouldn’t use as resources. Style guides are essential for creating consistent, quality content. This is because the control template rewrites the visual appearance of the entire control, while a style simply applies property changes to the existing control. Even if your customers don’t notice that a word has been spelled differently in the past few marketing emails, they’ll subconsciously get the feeling that something’s “off” if your content is inconsistent over time. This style guide was created for Mailchimp employees, but we hope it’s helpful for other content and communications teams too. This is our company style guide. If you’re looking for a template for your structured content but can’t find one that meets your needs, you … ), If your style guide is more than five pages long, make a one-page cheat sheet that will be more useful to the people who don’t write a lot of content for your company, Try not to over-explain grammar: choose a few things that are often used incorrectly, and keep your explanations brief. This guide goes beyond basic grammar and style points. That’s a lot of words floating around in the ether, and if you have a solid strategy for content generation, the amount of blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and other assets that your company can produce grows exponentially. Ready to take the plunge and create your very own editorial style guide? Embed your content style guide in your editing environment so authors can easily follow voice and tone content rules. 07. We welcome ideas and suggestions for other TechWhirl Templates Library materials. As with all resources, scoping rules apply. Commonly you declare a template as a resource on the Resources section of a XAML file. Here are four sample sentences, written by two different freelance writers for the same company. Marketing Templates & Examples. Creating a Style Guide is easy – through in-line editing and an intuitive UI. Instead of writers approaching content managers with the same questions over and over (is it a “standalone” asset, or a “stand-alone” asset? Maybe you will use new types of media and need rules for that, maybe you learn additional techniques (like keyword clustering ) and want to incorporate them into the rules. Get your FREE content style guide template now. The information should include acceptable sources, and any particular images writers should avoid. Create art-worked examples Editors Note: This TechWhirl Style Guide Template is one in a series of templates to help readers plan and manage communications and content management activities, resources and deliverables. Do you want essay-style posts, or short, snappy paragraphs that are easily scannable and quick to read? It’s true, we’ve covered a lot of material in this guide. For instance, you might want to specify that all work is made for hire, and state deadlines if writers are uploading their own work on a regular basis. Use this free template to create a Web Content Style Guide for your non-profit. Content is a powerful force for both B2B and B2C brands. A guide like this is probably not needed for small teams, but larger companies should already have something like this drawn up. Your email address will not be published. And the easiest way to make sure your content stays consistent is to create an editorial style guide. I’ll show you how you can change slide sizes as well as create/edit both templates and master slides. (e.g., “Content Chasm” first use; thereafter, Content Chasm throughout). Adapt our free template to best suit your needs, and have fun with it! Filter options. © Business 2 Community. With our Style Guide templates, you’ll have your online brand guidelines and corporate identity set up in minutes. Have a review period, and then compile the feedback and make changes where necessary. All educational content at Mailchimp relies heavily on content templates. Most style guides include the sections listed above, but every company is different. You also need to specify whether you want your web content to be impartial, in which case writers should avoid referring to specific products or people in a favorable manner. Make this a collaborative process. Create art-worked examples Join over 100,000 of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve. Equally important, however, is the amount of time your content managers and editors will save once you have a style guide in place. This editable template contains information on: best practice for web content; a guide to formatting text for the web; correct use of common web terminology; and contains customisable sections so you can add information related to your brand and language. It sets out writing rules that are different from practices adapted to print in order to support the writing principles for Canada.ca. All of these templates will save you hours of extra work and are all waiting for you to add your personal content and style. Use this template. Be Sure to Follow Through. Content, Resources. A style guide also can be a way to foster content authenticity by containing instructions for all parties creating content for your company. 09/09/2019; 12 minutes to read; In this article. It helps maintain a consistent style, voice, and tone across your documentation, whether you’re a lone writer or part of a huge docs team. A style guide template for web content writers should be no longer than four pages, clear, concise and easy to understand. Control templates are a lot more involved than a style. Mandatory or suggested. In the simplest terms, a style guide is a document that your teams (including freelance writers and guest contributors) can use to make sure they’re using the same words, writing style, tone, and more. The style guide features updated direction and new guidance for subjects that weren't around when the last edition was released. Writer #2: The four metrics discussed in this white paper—and the data associated with them—will help you improve your content strategy and ensure that you’re seeing a return on your investment. Share your drafted style guide with the people who okay the final content—blog posts, print ads, social media updates, etc.—to see what they’d like to add or amend. If you work at Mailchimp. © Copyright 1998 - 2019 | All Rights Reserved Grimmster Technologies | and subsidiary Health and Outdoor products, Nature Relaxation Videos from around the Globe. Head over to StyleTil.es and download a template. How to create a style guide If you’re wondering how to create a brand style guide, here are some tips which can help you in the effort. A style tile is not the same as brand style guide, but it’s a great starting point. Clear. If you’ve ever seen a brand’s social feed and it looks and feels like it’s managed by 10 different people, chances are they don’t have a style guide in place. Your comment may not appear immediately. How to Create a Content Style Guide (+ Style Guide Template) The brand style guide template is sized at 8.5″x11″/A4 (so it can be printed!) The blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. https://vtldesign.com/.../content-marketing-strategy/content-style-guide The following components have been documented. Pages from the highly sought after, but never published for sale, 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. To see a style guide for a specific e-learning tool, click here to see a sample of a Style Guide Template for Captivate. Especially if your content is going to be seen on a bunch of different platforms, channels or social media networks. All Rights Reserved. With this flood of content comes new priorities in marketing and branding, and consistency is at the forefront. A style guide can cover how to properly use your company’s tagline, whether or not to use the serial (Oxford) comma, a list of words that your company prefers (for example, “e-book,” “Ebook,” or “eBook”), common grammar questions fielded by your content managers and editors, and more. Content Templates. Please use it as a reference when you’re writing for Mailchimp. The terms and conditions you set your writers don’t have to be included in the content writing tips for your website. Using these building blocks, however, you can help writers produce the content you’re looking for and ensure your online presence is consistent and professional. Having spent time and effort creating a content style guide template, you want your writers to read it. Catalog. Starting with the very basics, a useful writing style guide for blog contributors will detail specific, desired formatting information. This article originally appeared on The Content Marketeer and has been republished with permission.Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C. your own Pins on Pinterest Welcome. Barnes & Noble Brand Guide by Carolina Pistone . We have made this task easy for you through our free template gallery designed specifically for marketers. Cross link between PDF or webpages to each download as well as having this separate download area. Our Brand Style Guide template is designed to help you lay the foundation for your brand's logo, fonts, colors, and more. Building the bridge between web design and development isn’t easy, but Catalog pulls it off with its “living style guide”. A content style guide is useless if you don’t use it daily. Final Thoughts: A Writing Style Guide Template for Content Marketers. you vs. we: As a very general rule, posts should be directed toward you, not we. 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. This style guide was created for Mailchimp employees, but we hope it’s helpful for other content and communications teams too. As needed, review the Style Guide with management of marketing or corporate communications teams to ensure cross-departmental consistency. The Microsoft Writing Style Guide replaces the Microsoft Manual of Style, a respected source of editorial guidance for the tech community for more than 20 years. If they have questions regarding voice, tone or style, direct them to the document first. A brand identity kit sometimes called a brand style guide, is a document which holds all the important aspects of a brand. Make every word matter. The content managers will then be able to drastically reduce the amount of time they spend editing the content to match company style. The key is to make it work for you. Anytime a piece of information from another source is added into your MLA style paper, you must create two citations, or references, to show the reader where the information originated. Encourage feedback and ideas for revisions: it will keep your teams thinking about consistency and branding, which is always a good thing! Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) styling and templating refer to a suite of features that let developers and designers create visually compelling effects and a consistent appearance for their product. Here are four simple steps to get you on your way. UI Style Guide Template is a Photoshop (PSD) template featuring color swatches, typography, iconography, form and UI elements. The Complete Start to Finish Content Marketing Strategy Guide (Template) Elise Dopson. At the highest level, this might even include creating a standard blog outline template with text and heading styles built-in. Having an auto-fill field somewhere on the guide (in our free template, it’s in the footer) that shows you exactly when that document was last edited is helpful to avoid duplicating changes.