[47][48] The Conservatives had a smaller rise among independence supporters, gaining 7% of their votes in 2017, compared to 2% in 2015. ... rail stations for 2019-20. Section . However, it affirmed that Scotland's independence would have to be accepted by the United Kingdom for Scotland to obtain EU membership: "There now seems to be a consensus that, were Scotland to become independent by legal means, it could join the [European] Union". [2] The SNP formed a minority government after the 2016 election,[3] and the "leave" side won a referendum on UK membership of the EU in June 2016 despite 62% of votes in Scotland being opposed to Brexit. [13][14] The proposed UK referendum on EU membership had already been announced, and was a topic of discussion in the independence debate. Up to the minute results of the 2019 General Election in Scotland from BBC News With many seats in Scotland resting on razor-thin margins, this will be the scene of a fierce battle that could have major consequences for the future of the UK. [112][113], The Scottish Independence Convention backs calls for a referendum. I think that should be a choice for the people of Scotland. [85] David Edward, a former justice of the European Court of Justice, suggested that these arrangements would relate to policy areas that have been devolved to Scotland. Conduct [22], The 2015 UK general election was held on 7 May almost eight months after the independence referendum was held. Most of Brown’s customers come from Scotland or America, where he says kilts are a popular choice for weddings. For Scottish voters, a key issue in the general election will be independence -- whether they want to stay part of the United Kingdom or break away and become an independent country. [12] The British government and some mainstream political parties argued that remaining in the UK was the only way for Scotland to remain part of the EU. [80], Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, Following the EU referendum result, Sturgeon said she would communicate to all EU member states that Scotland had voted to stay in the EU. The SNP remained as the third-largest party in the UK House of Commons with its representation reduced to 35 of the total 59 Scottish MPs. The SNP wants Scotland back in the EU as quickly as possible Excluding "don't knows", the average of polls in 2019 was 51% No to 49% Yes. However, the currency would not be adopted until several key economic tests were satisfied, and until then an SNP government would have a policy of Sterlingisation of the Scottish economy and state. If there was another referendum and if Scots voted out, it would mark the biggest shock to the United Kingdom since Irish independence a … In another pub down the road, the SNP incumbent in this constituency, Stephen Gethins, rearranges himself on a plush red barstool. Glasgow North East was gained by Labour despite consisting mostly of the two Scottish Parliamentary constituencies with the largest support for independence within the Glasgow City council area – Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn and Glasgow Provan. Financial groups, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, were reported to be considering moving their registered offices to London, as a result of a European law stating that banks should have their head offices in the same member state as its registered office, as well as implying that these offices should be in the location where they conduct most of their activity – which would be the remainder of the United Kingdom in the event of Scottish independence. Students loom large here; cycling down pretty streets and teeming out of grand stone university buildings. [131] This trend continued into January 2020, when three polls put "Yes" support at between 50% and 52% (excluding undecideds). Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said an independence referendum that could wrench apart the United Kingdom after Brexit should take place in the earlier part of the devolved parliament's next term, which begins next year. This time the head of devolved government of Scotland and leader of SNP Nichlos Surgeon told supporters at virtual conference on Saturday that prospects of winning independence […]