The operating hours are from 06:00 to 23:00 with the frequency of around 4 minutes. Line 4 Sheppard has five stations, running in an east-west direction along Sheppard Avenue East. Passengers can easily transfer to metro line 1, line 2 and line 3, respectively at stations of Luomashi, Chengdu University of TCM & Provincial People's Hospital and 2nd People's Hospital. Subway, local and express station, ADA accessible (except for 4, 5, 6 lines) 8 St- NYU. and Hongqiao Rd.) Subway, local station . Mobile Site Map; Contact the TTC (416) 393-4636; © 2020 Toronto Transit Commission The route operates from the area of Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue, east to the area of Sheppard Avenue East and Don Mills Road. Prince St. E 8 St and Broadway, Broadway and Waverly Place . Its whole single trip takes about 48 minutes and the interval is about 2 minutes. Beijing Subway Line 4 from Gongyi Xi Qiao to Anhe Qiao Bei is a traffic artery between southern and northern Beijing with 28 km long, owning 24 stations. L, N, Q, R all times except late nights, 4, 5 all times except late nights, 6. The single journey takes around 63 minutes. Hangzhou metro line 4, linking Puyan and Pengbu, runs from 06:00 to 23:30 and the whole trip takes 40 minutes. Passengers can be easily connected with Xi'an subway line 1, 2 and 3. See metro maps for reference. Line 4 Map. Compare the average uptime of the 4 subway line with the average uptime of all subway lines. Sheppard Line. The 4 Train reported Weekend Service for 31 % of the day, Unknown for 69 % of the day. Discover better-for-you sub sandwiches at SUBWAY®. Line 4's operation and management was handed over to MTR Corporation (Shenzhen), a subsidiary of MTR Corporation on 1 July 2010 (for 30 years, until 2040) under a BOT basis. with Line 3. Downloadable maps for New York transit, including subways, buses, and the Staten Island Railway, plus the Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad and MTA Bridges and Tunnels. It passes South Railway Station, Xidan, Beijing Zoo, Yuanmingyuan… Prince St and Broadway . Two side platforms R all times except late nights . Uptime is considered when the train is in Good Service. However, it will become a … Colour of the Line: yellow: Number of Stations: 22 Stations: Length of the Line: 17,3 kilometers: Average Duration of the Jurney: 36 minutes: Other Barcelona Metro Lines. Two side platforms Now Line 4 shares a section of subway line and nine stations (Baoshan Rd., Shanghai Railway Station (North Square), Zhongtan Rd., Zhenping Rd., Caoyang Rd., Jinshajiang Rd., Zhongshan Park, West Yan'an Rd. Line 1 (red) Line 2 (lilac) Line 3 (dark green) Line 4 (yellow) Line 5 (dark blue) Line 6 (violet) Line 7 (brown) Line 8 (pink) I collected all sorts of train in Seoul subway line 4.First scene: Train bound for Ansan(341-20) in Hanyang Univ. There are no Delays to report. The fare for the whole subway line costs CNY8. The ticket fare is CNY 2 to CNY 6 based on the distance. View our menu of sub sandwiches, see nutritional info, find restaurants, buy a franchise, apply for jobs, order … Line 4 connects with Line 1 at Sheppard-Yonge Station. East Railway Station, Pengbu, Jinjiang and Qianjiang Road are transfer stations among Hangzhou subway line 1 and line 2.