Applying this beautiful algorithm to architecture - we now see exactly why the design of living space must be exactly that - an electrically living space. ", "More and more, living organisms are finding their way into all kinds of materials and, processes--from buildings to clothing manufacturing to art. The Bio-Integrated Design Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture has created a modular system of tiles inlaid with algae that can filter toxic chemical dyes and heavy metals out of water. We can use our quantum consciousness to create the space, and to clear it of any stresses that do not serve life.' This is 'Full Spectrum Architecture' - not just 'green architecture'! How to include patterns of paramagnetic stones in buildings, such as Dolmens, Geometrical layouts, labyrinths. If the harmonics are ALL there (inclusively) - then you are healthy. ", “The large and beautiful book by the young William Myers from New York addresses the re-naturalisation of the habitat and the close integration of nature, architecture and design.”, "high-minded eye candy and environmental battle cry...Myers is a deft, often-thoughtful guide. With an emphasis on equity, ecology, research, resilience, art, and community engagement, BioDesign Studio looks forward to designing a new future with you. The architecture portfolio cover design presents a section of a home, an evolutionary patchwork-process-patchwork yet the components present a clear expression, individually tailored around each project. Architectural History MA . BIO-architects. His 'Full Spectrum Architecture' is starting the Irish Renaissance in the relationship of the built space, humanity and the environment. Understanding the geometrical patterns, fractality and mathematical proportions that create life in order to build and design with, has been largely forgotten in the world. The physics is explained in heart research for example. Learn how life has the ability to attract and auto-organize electromagnetic charge fields. For students, see text on collaboration and practical advice here. The way this electrical FRACTALITY that predicts the survival sustainability of ALL LIVING THINGS - is measured is called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS. Contributing writers: Paola Antonelli, Barbara Eldredge, Andrew Gardner, and Tony Cho. An electrically alive space (sometimes called 'sacred') is simply the space where charge/chi can breathe efficiently and thus achieve the multiply connected / holographic and fractal-distributed resonance called awareness - the thrust of all living systems. Harmonic inclusiveness (how many DIFFERENT frequencies can live together) is the same as fractality - perfected compression - just like genetic diversity as the same as DNA's collective survival wisdom. Architects and designers draw upon concepts of sacred geometry when they choose particular geometric forms to create pleasing, harmonious, and spiritually uplifting spaces. Ancient dolmen sites, fresh eggs and even cathedrals hold life in bliss in the spell of their charge, because they are 'in charge' - that is - FULL OF CHARGE. -Dan Winter. Biomimetic architecture is a branch of the new science of biomimicry defined and popularized by Janine Benyus in her 1997 book (Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature). The beehive and the pinecone are excellent examples of sacred architecture because as biological capacitors they implode charge, making life and bliss possible and sustainable. Architects and designers draw upon concepts of sacred geometry when they choose particular geometric forms to create pleasing, harmonious, and spiritually uplifting spaces. Learn more! Architecture & Digital Theory MRes. As an architect, he takes a holistic approach to design, based on the understanding that everything is connected, alive and conscious. REFUGIUM . The following are illustrative examples of solution architecture. Benefits and features: Spiritual geometry is a universal language of truth, harmony, beauty, proportion, rhythm and order. "The biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology. Understanding the use of the electrical symmetry of biology. Green design has many related names and concepts associated with it, besides sustainable development.

bio design architecture

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