Archived. [276], On 3 June 2014, Sveriges Radio announced that Kjellberg was chosen to host his own episode of the Swedish radio show Sommar i P1. [140][141] Kjellberg also made allegations against T-Series using subscribing bots, but failed to prove so, as YouTube claims to have a strong policy against fake-engagement. Likewise, for critics and fans who value inclusivity — and among outside observers who view [Kjellberg]'s conduct as inexplicably frequent in the news — [Kjellberg] represents all that is wrong and alienating about games culture. Browse more videos. [95] Another video featuring Kjellberg asking his viewers to have it reach 1 million comments also garnered traction; at one point, the video was noted for having over 5 million comments. The first ever rendition of the YouTube Rewind video was uploaded on December 13, 2010 to the YouTube Trends channel, which you can watch here: 2010: Year in Review. [70] Additionally, in the second half of 2013, it earned just under 1.3 billion video views. [157], On 11 April, T-Series started to seek court orders to remove Kjellberg's "diss tracks" from YouTube. Celebrating the videos, people, music and moves that made 2016. [15] Unlike conventional walkthroughs, Kjellberg devoted his Let's Play videos to communicating more personally with his audience. [45] Kjellberg mulled the option of launching his own network,[28][82] however, in light of news outlets reporting his disinterest with Maker, he tweeted, "I feel like I was misquoted in the WSJ and I'm really happy with the work that Maker has been doing for me. 1 With $281M Cume As Summer Closes Down 14.6% Vs. 2013", "Social Media Buzz: 'November Man' Labors to Overcome 'As Above, So Below, "YouTube Power Couple PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia Create Miniseries For Movie "As Above, So Below, "CMO Today: Marketing to the YouTube Generation", "PewDiePie, Mountain Dew Host Fan Fiction Contest", "PewDiePie Has 12 Million YouTube Bros and No Advertisers", "YouTube gaming star PewDiePie 'earned $7m in 2014, "PlayStation, League of Legends and PewDiePie Lead the Video Game Charge for "YouTube Rewind 2013, "2014's Most Viral Videos And Pop Culture Moments Crammed into One Video", "Watch YouTube's Biggest Stars Relive 2015", "YouTube Rewind 2016, Featuring 200 Creators And Shot In 18 Countries, Is Here (Watch)", "YouTube's Rewind 2019 video features PewDiePie again after he was snubbed from last year's version", "Rekordintresse inför Pewdiepies sommarprat", "Mest delade sommarpratet – innan det ens sänts", "South Park' to Feature Cameo by YouTube Star PewDiePie", "PewDiePie takes over South Park episode, removes 'little fat kid,' adds Call of Duty", "Patrick Stewart, PewDiePie to Voice Characters in 'Oscar's Hotel' on Vimeo", "The Internet's Pewdiepie meets TV's Stephen Colbert and Swedish swearing happens", "Colbert brings PewDiePie across the digital divide", "Conan Gaming with Pewdiepie Was Kind of Awkward", "YouTuber PewDiePie opens up on overcoming drinking problem: 'It was actually kind of scary, "YouTube star PewDiePie launches $250k Save the Children fundraiser", "King of the Web: A Quirky Fame Contest Primed for the Young & Savvy", "10 Fundraising Projects Backed By YouTube's International Stars", "Top YouTuber PewDiePie Raising $250,000 For Charity: Water", "PewDiePie Raises Stunning $153,000 In Latest charity: water Campaign", "PewDiePie Celebrates His 25 Million YouTube Subscriber Milestone by Supporting Save the Children", "Tune-in & fight AIDS with Revelmode's Cringemas for (RED)", "PewDiePie's "Cringemas" Live Stream Raises $1.3 Million For Charity", "PewDiePie urges his fans to donate to charity as T-Series battle rages on", "PewDiePie Battles Racist Fan Comments By Raising Money For Indian Child Rights Charity", "PewDiePie donates $10,000 to mental health charity in Etika's memory", "PewDiePie Shares Resources With Fans For Mental Health Awareness Week", "PewDiePie pledges $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, spurring bizarre conspiracy theories", "PewDiePie Has To Explain That His $50,000 Pledge To An Anti-Hate Group Is Legit", "PewDiePie's Fans Shamed Him Into Not Donating $50,000 to a Jewish Anti-Hate Group", "PewDiePie pulls $50,000 pledge to Jewish anti-hate group after fan backlash", "Top YouTuber PewDiePie Withdraws $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Defamation League, Calls It a 'Mistake, "PewDiePie, the biggest star on YouTube, waged a war against his critics. [‡ 10] By early 2017, he had uploaded almost 3,500 videos to his channel, around 400 of which have been made private. He also mentioned the CEO of T-Series' tax evasion scandal, collusions with the Mumbai mafia, and #MeToo allegations. It is both amazingly awful and amazingly funny when a father bikes around with his son in the game Happy Wheels and both get crushed and bloody again and again and PewDiePie improvises absurd comments as the game continues. [256] This was up 20% from 2015, largely due to his YouTube Red series Scare PewDiePie and his book This Book Loves You, which sold over 112,000 copies according to Nielsen Bookscan. This means that PewDiePie earned more than twice the ad revenue of other top-performing YouTubers, though based on his subscriber count — he has over 104 million followers — that shouldn't come as the world's biggest surprise. [16] Variety detailed that Kjellberg "acts like he's spending time with a friend. Report. [18] Other outlets, such as The Verge and Time, have written similar sentiments, describing Kjellberg as "self conscious" and "articulate", respectively. "[28] Correlating with this note, his audience has been reported to provide positive remarks about him; some of his viewers created and contributed to a thread expressing that he has made them happier and feel better about themselves. [324] Previously, he stated he is an agnostic atheist.[325]. "[12] In a 2019 interview with the New York Times, Kjellberg commented on his influence stating, "it's weird for me to be in this position because I don't really want to be in this position. After online criticism he described his posting as an "oopsie", and asserted that he had posted it "recommending someone for their anime review", rather any intention to promote anti-Semitism. [133], In late 2018 and early 2019, Kjellberg reacted to various compilations of TikTok videos. [120] Kjellberg commented that his decision to create Netglow was in the works prior to the aforementioned allegations of anti-Semitic themes in his videos. Wow. "I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind," he said. In December 2019, Forbes compiled a list of the top earning YouTubers from June 1, 2018 to June 1, 2019. [28][‡ 30] He says he enjoys living in Brighton and Hove, as he is able to live in general anonymity. This video included celebrities such as Jake and Logan Paul, as well as recalling the dead trend that is the fidget spinner. [227] In 2016, Maker Studios' international chief content officer was cited in The Guardian as comparing "the average parent's bafflement at their teenage children's passion for stars like PewDiePie, KSI, and Zoella to past generations' inability to comprehend punk rock or gangsta rap.

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