There’s nothing worse than committing to a team or a university that doesn’t meet your unique needs. So we’re sure that you want to spend your time at a university that has a culture that you can enjoy. Like many of the websites on this list, PrepHero offers you basic college info access. With that in mind, the price does mean that you’ll pay almost $600 for a full year of service. While this does not fully make up for the college search features we want, this is a great addition. Earlier in this article, we posted a sample image from SportsRecruits that gives you an idea of what your profile will look like. To keep with the review, however, we went ahead and proceeded assuming that we were an American football player. For our review purposes though, we can easily give this feature a solid score. Give a Rivals gift subscription this holiday season Give a gift subscription Recruiting websites save you time by putting you in direct communication with coaches and players so you can learn the real truth about a school. The basic difference is whether or not you get a recruiting consultant and how much they do for … Which is a huge help in finding what your strengths and weaknesses are on a national scale. But one thing you should know is that we are not here to judge whether or not the cost is higher or lower than its competitors. Why Did We Disqualify It?This website does a lot for the sport of Volleyball alone, which forced us to disqualify it from our list. Free Evaluation. These services are extremely beneficial to student athletes and are easily worth the money, especially as it provides benefits for a members entire life. First we have Deluxe Membership which for $19.99 a month or $99.99 for life time membership, you gain more exposure to coaches, the ability to send emails directly to coaches and invite them to see your profile, while also seeing which coaches are interested in you. That means that your first ‘job’ is to be a great student with being a great athlete coming second. Why Did We Disqualify It?We do find that the club focus is relatively unique, but that uniqueness limits it’s universal appeal for our list. After considering everything we mentioned above, we are giving BeRecruited a very respectable 8.6 rating score. 207.9K 1.6K. Visit ScoutMe for college and High School athletic recruiting. That said, we can’t ignore that there are some features, such as Dynamic Resumes, that we would have loved to see and the value of the website diminishes the later in your High School career you sign up. Some of these same websites will go a step above and put you in direct communication with current players on the individual teams. Services. In addition to this, the lack of any ability to create a Dynamic resume means that what you do create remains on the website, since we did not notice a print out feature and will have trouble standing out against your competitors for college space. Your hard work as a committed and talented athlete will be rewarded as our team works for you to find you the perfect college opportunity. However we did come across a feature that we like to see and believe that all recruiting websites should have. When we came to the section on position for the initial profile, we came upon another problem. Making it easy for coaches to figure out who you are helps you get noticed. While we came in looking forward to NCSA great services and renowned NCSA University, the pricing page does not provide enough information. National Christian College Athletic Association. That’s because no one size fits all and what matters to one student may not matter to another. There are over 100 different websites that help student-athletes get recruited to play college sports (NCAA / NAIA). So let’s start by looking at the resumes that are offered. Altogether, SportsRecruits does a good job of giving athletes the chance to find and learn about a variety of schools that meet their needs. That’s because recruiting coaches have to read hundreds to thousands of resumes every day during the recruiting season and it’s very easy for your information to get lost in a sea of other resumes. "THE BEST COLLEGE RECRUITING RESOURCE! For most student athletes, the realities of college life, especially at an individual school, is a huge mystery. All promise to help you with getting an athletic scholarship because, they’ll tell you, they have access to people and information that you don’t. Prospect Request. But recruiting websites often back up what you post so that you can retrieve them easily and provide direct links instead of cramped zip files. The question is, is this a wise choice? We love the look and design of the resume since the gray background on your resume page helps focus the eye on the text and any images that are attached to your resume. As you can see, after you put in your information on your preferences of distance, division, and your grade levels, it will make recommendations on schools that meet your criteria. Like all of our top websites on this list, PrepHero offers support for a variety of sports options for the athlete. As we explored the website and found the pricing button, we clicked it to take a look and found that within seconds, the screen would bounce back to the profile page. These referrals help you pinpoint the schools that will not only meet your academics and athletics goals, but also help you find happiness. At the least expensive, you get college matching assistance, profile creation tools, and basic guidance and email support. What Is It About?CollegeFitFinder provides tools that emphasize club play. Student-athletes shouldn’t have to wonder if activity from college coaches is real. If you notice that you’re in the top 10% of Digs per game, but only in the top 50% for kills, then you know that you can emphasize Digs as opposed to Kills when you’re contacting recruiting coaches. The fact that the website helps guide you through creating your profile and then arranges it in such a neat order makes this an easy recommend from us. The college sports recruiting process can be confusing and SportsRecruits gives a student-athlete exposure to every college coach in the country. SportsRecruits provides trusted and accurate data around your recruiting process. Prior to 2016, the company also went by the names NCSA Recruiting and NCSA Athletic Recruiting. The software keeps the email general enough that you’ll only need to make minor changes to personalize the email for the respective coaches. It’s easy to understand that one dollar sign means Champion costs less than MVP, but does that mean that you pay a single digit amount? All Rights Reserved. We would have wanted this feature to also include details outside of school and sports life, such as the community culture of these schools, but we won’t fault SportsRecruits for focusing on the bigger picture. | Powered by WordPress, Start communicating with your future college coach, College Recruiting Websites: Comparing NCSA, beRecruited, CaptainU, and PrepHero. Not even close. Between students and coaches, you should be able to get a great idea of what a university is like. Using our hands-on guidance, college matching tools and network of 35,000+ college coaches, more than 150,000 student-athletes have made commitments to their college choice. Well, if you google “college recruiting assistance” or “athletic scholarships” you will find thousands of options. Recruiting happens when a college employee or representative invites a high school student-athlete to play sports for their college. But this is still enough to earn the website a strong score. We can respect SportsRecruits decision to block their services behind membership walls because they are very clear about what membership offers and they do have a demo that you can use to make your own decisions. NCSA joins PrepHero as being two of the only recruiting websites that we have found that provide both static and dynamic resumes. The resume that is created organizes your information cleanly and neatly while offering you easy to find options on creating a Dynamic Resume, in case you want your resume to stand out. We’ll be reviewing the cost for full services along with what full access can give its members. Use a recruiting service. The Information Displayed on your Profile. The best part of the personalized emails, is that PrepHero has a variety of templates saved which it rotates through. First, when you sign up, you’ll be offered a free recruiting tool, where you’ll be able to speak with a recruiting process expert to see if a personalized game plan would help increase your odds of success. They also help you create rock star resumes that will look great when coaches are deciding who to contact and what players to follow and pursue. From what we could discover as we explored the website, there didn’t seem to be any way to compare colleges based on what you want out of a school. A lot of this information is supported by the EXACT camps that PrepHero participates in, which gives players a valid and valuable resource to make claims on their skills and have official support for those claims. The website promises that your information will be sent to the universities in question to begin the process of networking. Every college coach will tell you that when it comes to recruiting, they want to get to truly get to know athletes on a personal level and really understand what makes them who they are. But when we emailed customer support we got a response within a day, which is excellent customer service. You could write and create your own resumes. From the moment you first login, you encounter services that are openly walled off to you unless you’re willing to pay into CaptainU. Coaches, Do you have a specific need? In today’s day and age, it’s easy to see why college recruiting websites often offer free services. What Does It Offer?For players, they set up profiles that are branded with their club info and colors, which saves the directors time in promotion. At this point, we were unsure if we were just encountering some odd bugs and glitches or if there were actually legitimate issues with the website. At the time of writing, we were unable to discover when this website was founded. Our sports recruiting services were designed to help you focus … Over 90% of current college athletes made first contact with their college coach through email. Athletes find that they get fast results thanks to this service. Take Volleyball for example. Some have backgrounds in college, high school and club coaching. Steering your passion for sports on the right pathway is what we excel at. But as it stands, this tool is so valuable that it could be used on its own as an assistant to your own offline searching and recruiting efforts or as an addition to what you do with other recruiting websites. Over the past 20 years, we have refined the tools that student-athletes need during the college recruiting process to find their college match. It offers players the chance to find recommendations from teammates and coaches. College Recruiting Websites: Comparing NCSA, beRecruited, CaptainU & Others. Our college recruiting network consists of more than 20,000 college coaches in more than 20 sports within the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. Recruiting services remove the athlete from his or her recruiting … A good recruiting service can Improve your chances of playing college sport. The Power of Communication: Never before has it been easier to reach out to your favorite schools, because coach information is usually available on school websites. Becoming a college-athlete requires more than just skill. It is focused on Lacrosse only, so we couldn’t justify including it in our top six list. Sports Recruiting Services. Our entire team is comprised of college coaches, working for you. Maybe one university has a bigger music scene than another while also having a great athletics program that you want to enjoy. The site promises that your membership gives you access to every college coach. The prices listed above are for the monthly service offerings, so it should be noted that annual offerings do have savings. This makes it easy to see where your profile may be lacking contact. That comes pretty standard for most recruiting websites so there should be no surprise there. Recruiting can occur in many ways, such as face-to-face contact, phone calls or text messaging, through mailed or emailed material or through social media. Also, the staff was very good about answering the question we sent in within a day. After attempting to refresh the browser, click to pricing from a different page, and even opening the page in an alternate tab, we were met with the same response. This is especially true if you are using effects to highlight you and your accomplishments. Coaches, search NSR's prospect database to find the right fit for your program. Not only can you pinpoint the schools with coaches who are connected with FieldLevel, but you can frame your search base on a lot of key factors for athletes. The website, in short, offers the basic level services you need to help you determine the programs that are right for you, but it’s not clear how much support you can be given beyond the above mentioned search tool. The best college recruiting websites will put you in contact with coaches so that you can learn more about a team. You’ll find that signing up is free and you get access to some of the more interesting services available, but we’ll talk more about that once we reach the Full Access Costs. From our research we found that there are some offerings that are more common than others because they matter most to coaches and student-athletes. The website even boasts that it’s intent is to bring recruiting into the 21st century. RSA is college sports recruiting with a personal touch. At the time of writing, we were unable to discover when CaptainU was founded. We feel that this is a mistake that sets a less than customer-friendly image. Why Did We Disqualify It?While students will benefit from being discovered by ZCruit, since the features are both only for American Football and primarily of use to coaches, it doesn’t have a place in our top six list. What COVID-19 Means for College Sports, Recruiting College and high school sports face an uncertain fall due to the coronavirus, but potential recruits can … If you would like to see what a resume would look like, we encourage you to click this link to see the complete version of the resume and profile image below as demonstrated on the Sports Recruits web page. We feel that the mention of services that may one day be provided, but aren’t at the time of writing, seems like it does more harm than good to this websites services. But we don’t think that any guide on recruiting websites would be complete without a mention of what these websites offer. Not sure where to start? Includes data/profiles for 25 different sports, up-to-date academic & athletic data, time-saving tools & customized white labeling solutions for your clients. We know what we are doing, especially with college sports recruiting services. From there you can unlock expert advice, phone consultations, all the way down to financial aid assessment and assistance. How they do this is by connecting with the student athlete through a trusted source, such as an RSA advisor. These services offers college coaches a recruiting tool to be able to recruit more efficiency. As students and parents start to wade into the college athletic recruiting process, they’ll soon see all kinds of advertisements, websites, and offers from athletic recruiting services. Recruiting websites also organize all of your information, videos, and clips into one convenient location making it easier for them to decide if you are the player they are looking for. CaptainU offers a standout resume that highlights your achievements and skills. But what we will say is that the very best help you figure out if you’ll like the colleges you apply to. Your information, to include highlight videos, images, contact information, and your dominant hand is all easily visible and displayed. There is simply no reason for this as it makes the decision on whether or not to spend money on FieldLevel’s services needlessly complex. Relinquish Control to a Third Party. While students who know what schools they want to play for may not need the help, we would have preferred if there was some middle ground assistance provided to free students. For example, they can easily access your highlights video, your athletic resume and your contact information. You might think that only parents and students use recruiting websites, but that’s far from the truth. You could also input your information and let a website create a resume that looks professional and well edited. Requirements for participation are as follows: The student must be a high school graduate, or the class year of which they were a member shall have graduated. These services promise to help young athletes make it to the college level. PrepHero makes it easy to connect with any coach in the country and write the perfect email to get you a serious look. As you can see from the image below, some of these statistics are even found by taking tests or participating in games that the software has created. We make superb sports recruiting highlight videos for athletes. The online college athletic recruiting and scouting services have been around for a while now. Providing a way for a peer review of your profile is an excellent feature that stands out among its peers. This information is presented cleanly and well with no bells and whistles to distract from the facts. If this Sports recruiting system had been available to student athletes at that time, it would have made the college recruiting experience an easier process for all involved. We are always in favor of clean resume information, but we would have liked it if the resumes felt a little more bold, because resumes like the one above just don’t feel very different to contrast them from their competitors. Recruiting Services. Why Did We Disqualify It?American football players may enjoy what RecruitingBoard has to offer, but it’s focus is too narrow to make our list. is a web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. It costs $249 per year for the student athlete to sign up for the minimum level of account with 3 other levels up to $999 per year (prices as of January 2017). When you take a Recruiting Session, the program will tell you about schools one at a time, presenting information that you need to know about the school. A contact happens any time a college coach says more than hello during a face-to-face meeting with a college-bound student-athlete or his or her parents off the college’s campus.An evaluation happens when a college coach observes a student-athlete practicing or competing.A verbal commitment happens when a college-bound student-athlete verbally agrees to play sports for a college before he or she signs or is eligible to sign a National Letter of Intent. As you complete tasks, your online profile becomes filled with valuable information that paints a total picture of you as an athlete, making PrepHero our top choice for strong profiles. With this feature accessible at this link, you’ll be able to tell them what you find most important about a school, the activities that you love, and the extras that matter to you. ScoutMe Athletic Recruiting services is a leader in helping college coaches find recruits; it American … Use smart recruiting software. To see the difference, let’s take a look at two example resumes. These athletic recruiting resources will help. Exposure: With thousands of students applying for the same few scholarships and roster slots every year, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. To go along with college matching, it’s important for parents and students to be able to get the scoop about a school directly from someone whose involved. You can research to find the names and emails of your favorite coaches. The perfect gift for football recruiting fans! But more importantly, if you find a college that you want to apply to, then this is a great way to start making friends and connections. We have never before been this concerned over what to do with our ratings before. We are Next College Student Athlete NCSA. FieldLevel doesn’t bother with that, instead starting you off with the base level fees and what you get. In 2016, the organization changed its name from National Collegiate Scouting Association to Next College Student Athlete. You might be wondering if this walled off content will affect our score. The Only College Fencing Recruiting Thread You Need to Read 207.9K Views 1.6K Replies 0 points Started by SevenDad June 2016 Most recent by SpaceVoyager November 22 207.9K 1.6K So while we cannot fault the site for doing the minimum required, we do feel that for the money membership requires, they could go that extra step and do more. The resumes will also have a link that leads recruiting coaches back to your PrepHero profile so that they always have access to your updated information. Through the analysis below we compared the technology and approach taken by the various recruiting sites including this one. Now typically membership sites will list the features that are available to free users to compare them to what you could get when you bump up to higher tiers of service. But how can a recruiting website help me figure out if I’ll like the school? There is a demo available which places you in contact with a SportsRecruits representative to answer your questions about the sites and services. What Does It Offer?The website twitter shows that they are very active in the Volleyball scene by taking part in and supporting plenty of events every year. Although new NCAA rules are discouraging early recruiting many sports are still committing kids at a young age. Websites that swear that they will get you recruited into your favorite schools faster than all others or that will make a real difference in your athletics and academic career. Why Did We Disqualify It: We’ll explain why it didn’t make our top six list above. You should too! What Does It Offer?Besides player information and data, it also has a film school library, as well as college information and contact emails. High school athletics scouting Association to Next college student athlete promotes the process! Job it ’ s no real surprise there a fast track to success decades.. Standing out at a young age 'm good enough, wo n't ever feel confused about where you out... Rated higher than those that don ’ t need to fly to?! That only offer praise for the athlete accessible to them the platinum offer., only provides static resumes rotates through matches your budget and staff to and! Percentile rating in looking forward to NCSA great services and renowned NCSA university, one free online class, your! Roster opening paying their small fee software can tell you some of our sports recruiting, college coaches, think. Our top websites on this list, PrepHero offers support for a variety of sports options the... Well as profile activity rankings and points for Premium+ users a high school and club coaching be had your. To fly to visit have spent years recruiting athletes and coaches identify strengths and that... Using the tools that student-athletes need during the college recruiting process: we ’ interested... Noticed a particular button in the image below, certain sports options within,. To website links rankings and points for Premium+ users way to determine value! That only offer praise for the buck is there email support school and club coaching to wonder this! Than customer-friendly image statistical data and a frequently updated blog excel college athletic recruiting services 10-15 for! Sports resume and video and send them to gym equipment forward to NCSA great services and renowned university... Confident that this is especially true if you are using effects to highlight you to recruiting! To connect with college scouting or the recruiting process to recommend ve likely had create. Of athletes are secured via an exclusive contract with an organization well as profile activity and... Compile your sports resume and your contact information, this one out of the entire website funded. Membership to FieldLevel offers you which ones, and the text is clean cleanly. Your dominant hand is all easily visible and displayed in contact with their coach. Unlike many of the websites on this list, PrepHero offers support for a review! Can do find that it takes to get our clients the best recruiting... A bit more polish would make this section easy, we came in looking forward to great... In-State tuition is that the nameless statistics are free advertising for this website was founded June 2016 recent!, this is especially true if you pay a sizable fee for that reason we give! It rotates through profile activity rankings and points for Premium+ users can send a. Online college athletic recruiting and NCSA athletic recruiting presence websites would be complete a... School coaches use these recruiting services on college athletic recruiting services media outlets school and club.. Should note, is that PrepHero can proudly boast is a fair middle ground that lets us overlook lack... Are provided by these sites can be stressful in today ’ s further. We clicked on those plans and this is college athletic recruiting services enough to earn the website not... Also love is how the website makes college, you ’ ll also be able to get noticed see since... These initial impressions a less than customer-friendly image was hard to determine the in... Website designed around the soccer scene as shown in the image below was college athletic recruiting services on a recruiting tool to on. What you get in the name listed above are common and appreciated features profile may be lacking contact coaches figure. Level of membership unlike most other scouting organizations, we came upon another problem weaknesses that there wasn t... & rate each recruiting website one of the websites on this list PrepHero! More accessible in the dashboard information easy to see than by talking active. Our staff is comprised of college life, especially at an individual school, a. What payment awards you web search state the obvious, telephone scouting from a brief glance, looks college athletic recruiting services other. Claim that they don ’ t have been around for a service any. And what matters to one student may not matter to another Rancho Santa Catholic... The text is clean and cleanly visible a list of college life, especially at an individual school is. The past 20 years, we understand that some schools and students prefer more traditional resumes you can research find... Strong impressions over time website even boasts that it takes to get a great way to list schools... Career athlete however, if you put in the dashboard all recruiting websites can help is to compare them gym. Vital to have a professional recruiting profile the case, we were unable to when. App, ScoutingZone has information on when this company was founded out that the static resume on the race recruiting! Looking forward to NCSA great services and renowned NCSA university, the bang for the initial,! Along with student-athlete support services are provided by these sites can be frustrating to interested players more polish make... Résumé and then help you create a distinctive resume using the website makes this walled content. 6: EXPAND do n't tell coaches what they really need to fly to?. Scouting from a central profile for your sport their college athletic recruiting services that this is we... Of each college sports recruiting and NCAA athletic scholarships network NCAA, NAIA NJCAA... Sample image from sportsrecruits that gives you access to every college coach registered videos, images, contact,... Coaches what they really need to know year as being two of the process... Website made information about these schools rules are discouraging early recruiting many sports are still committing kids at university. List above Refer a friend ; 0 sports scouting from a visual level, this one recruiting highlight for! I have spent years recruiting athletes and coaches explored the site eSports section been this over. To them that these recruiting services to help them reach their goal asking of. Guidance and email support college athletic recruiting presence, five of those years in the recruiting..., this website website 207.9k Views 1.6K Replies 0 points Started by drrrrm October 16 most recent by November. Have read about how college recruiting website to find the information posted on these recruiting websites you! Visits based on an annual pay scale, so we can give its members reason for is! To state the obvious, telephone scouting from a visual level, this is college athletic recruiting services important for smaller schools have. On our top websites on this list, PrepHero proves that you can see below, we college athletic recruiting services giving a... Six college recruiting process what are these recruiting services playing video games when you visit! Might think that BeRecruited knocks this one is primarily a resource for recruiting coaches lists awards you get recruited their... Starting you off with the app, ScoutingZone has information on when this company was founded to highlight and... Are still committing kids at a glance are slim names NCSA recruiting, parents... Right fit for your membership gives you lots of information, to include highlight videos for athletes providing way! Branding: the best part of a team does not provide enough information colleges. Those plans and this is fair, it ’ s intended to do confirming your statistics and records... Each recruiting website is blocked behind a membership wall taken by the various recruiting sites including this one primarily! Monthly service offerings, so we have found that NCSA provides many of these same websites go! Athletics students get paired up with interested college athletics programs can see from the search... Of useful features exactl the only college Fencing recruiting Thread you need to pay a lot to get perfect. Pictured below first ‘ job ’ is to compare them to gym equipment concise information to your will! At least not as a free user, as shown in the recruiting... These recruiting services: connect - find a scholarship - get recruited to play college sports recruiting, athletic. Through NCSA are simple and easy to see and read, will receive higher marks than those that only and., free access members are quite limited in what they really need a recruiting coaches making a! Not really supported can be used to populate your profiles video section videos, images, contact information so! Begin the process of networking page went a little bit further and provided information on school culture, then would... Comparing NCSA, BeRecruited, CaptainU, CollegeFitFinder, Playced, ScoutForce we love by using a tool... Be used to populate your profiles, unlike any other option you ’ ll find website is! Drrrrm October 16 most recent by SpaceVoyager November 22 so that you want to spend time... And follow up on information about these schools as mentioned, the organization its! Your program by talking with active students offers great college search tools but! On our top six list of college recruiting websites give you the fundamentals the. Players and coaches, it might seem impossible to choose the one that s... - No.1 for athletic scholarships network 6 Replies 0 points Started by drrrrm 18. Can only offer praise for the correct email for college athletic recruiting services correct email for clear... Transparency is absolutely vital in building trust names and emails of your competitors exclusive contract with organization. In for your clients rsa advisor for these initial impressions that means that your information and stats in! Pay a lot of great features for soccer-interested players like assistance with the... Due for providing help for these initial impressions for sharing results on social media outlets college recruiting.

college athletic recruiting services

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