The risk register identifies all risks, including causes, probability, impact, proposed responses, owners and current status. Project Management Professional. The risk management plan contains D as well as the methodology, budget, roles and responsibilities, a probability and impact matrix and other information regarding our approach to managing risk. The PM decided to ask the PMO for a template. Your best course of action is to: 3. The charter for a multi-million dollar, two-year project at a six-billion dollar global corporation involves three divisions and nine facilities. During the development of the scope statement, the project manager and project management continue to grow over the next year. The project manager has looked at the charts that show how much availability exists with each of the team members in a project. 8. FAQ’s. C - Quality assurance uses all quality-related tools. So the criteria are good enough to assess the knowledge, experience and the organized approach required to … How do I get PMP Certified? The only answer with mandatory is C. 45. The PMI, There is no rush to do this step, we will help you with this as part of our. C - There are some risks that you cannot avoid or mitigate. ITIL® is a Registered Trademark of AXELOS Limited. PMI will review your application and respond within 3 to 5 business days. The first step is to understand the requirements. Answer: PMP – Project Management Professional is a standardized certification from PMI- Project Management Institute, USA. For more information on the complete value of being a PMI member, see our PMP Certification Guide. D is too broad a statement. PH: (202) 875-7636, Contact Us Criteria: Secondary degree with at least five years of project management experience with 7500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education. See the table below for membership and exam fees. Sales (Toll Free): (866) 540-3126 Significant areas that PMI covers in the skill and competency required to lead a project. 43. One of the documents which would have helped manage each of these problems proactively is the: 21. 24. You may use your PMP credential immediately for the next 3 years. B is the document; C is the tool and technique used to reach the decision. 4PMTI can help you fulfill this requirement with our in-class or live-online class that will help you pass your PMP certification exam with flying colors. The contractor’s certified project manager formalized a charter, used the contract as the basis for the scope, schedule, and cost plans, and identified specific resources to help complete all the remaining plans. PMP vs Agile Certification – Before you get familiar with the role and responsibilities of a Project Management Professional (PMP) or Agile Project Management, it is necessary to know what actually Project Management means. A stakeholder engagement assessment matrix supports comparison between the current engagement levels of stakeholders and the desired engagement levels required for successful project delivery. D - Root cause analysis is used to identify risks, not analyze them. If you’re reading this right now, then you understand how important a PMP Certification is to get ahead in your career. What is your next step? Your project is sixty percent complete with a CPI of .91 and an SPI of .98. RS (Vendors) = 2 x (2+3+0+4) = 18 Consequently, first-time test takers should also be advised that the PMP certification exam is extremely difficult. This would be an example of what type of risk response strategy: 39. Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). What would the PM do next? Calculate PERT estimate using the formula (O+4M+P)/6 = (2+16+6)/6 = 4 weeks. While developing the project charter, the performing organization considers the level of risk involved in the project. But if you’re selected for an audit, PMI will wait until they receive your completed audit documents to verify their accuracy & completeness before they approve your application. If you have a bachelor’s degree (or global equivalent), then you need to have:. The process analysis is the method used to determine why processes are not going according to plan. D - A is the technique of rolling costs estimated at a detail level up through the WBS to ensure all deliverables are considered. Your organization has in the past demonstrated to be risk averse. 20. When you look at the reports for the past six weeks, you notice that four of your team members are consistently a day late in completing deliverables. Washington, DC 20005 47. Be sure to read the question and all answers carefully, the word activity makes answer A incorrect. 16. The output is risk register updates. 29. These trademarks are used with the express permission of International Institute of Business Analysis. D - Project manager competencies include technical, leadership, and strategic / business skills. The Project Management Institute requires that you meet some initial requirements before you are eligible to sit for the PMP exam. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Weekend schedule options are available. Your plan is to seek a cost plus contract with a qualified vendor to produce a very complex key deliverable for your construction project. The WBS dictionary contains all of the detail information about each deliverable in the WBS (C). It is an input to A and B. Stakeholder analysis is a tool and technique used during Identify Stakeholders. 39. Congratulations! The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is hard. They could only pick one of those proposals and forego all others due to the limited number of resources available in the field. D is the responsibility of the project manager. C - A does not exist. The first PMP eligibility requirement is for the applicant to have a degree or a secondary diploma. Question – 1: What is a PMP Certification? These actions reduce the probability and/or impact of risks. Before you take the PMP exam, get this guide containing secrets to help you pass. PMP Certification Examination Requirements. Plan Resource Management addresses answer C. D is a function of Manage Team. However, on major procurement items, the overall process of requesting and evaluating responses from sellers can be repeated, so C is the best answer to get the best possible solution before signing the contract. Fast tracking is a schedule compression technique in which activities or phases normally done in sequence are performed in parallel for at least a portion of their duration. You’ll receive your score immediately after you completed the test. In this page, we’ve compiled all the important information that you need to know about the PMP certification exam. The risk register is updated with information on individual project risks generated during the Monitor Risks process. Maintain PMP certification with PMTI’s free PDU courses (extra 3 years). A and B use optimistic and pessimistic as well as most likely estimates to determine possible outcomes. You believe that although it’s notoriously difficult, it’s worth the extra effort. Test specifications (B) are not part of the WBS. In B, the risk owner recognizes the symptoms. For the first time in your career you actually have resources solely dedicated to the completion of your project. A project manager intends to use a pull-based on-demand scheduling where work is pulled from a large backlog of work to balance work demand against the team’s delivery throughput. Since work gets done during the executing phases and is tracked, orchestrated, and reviewed in monitoring and controlling processes, change requests, corrective actions, preventive actions, and defect repairs - all of which are now called change requests - occur predominantly during these two process groups, primarily in M & C processes. Customer Service: (734) 786-0104 C - The question is listing the inputs and tools and techniques of Monitor Risks process. 35. PMI will require information on a) Academic Education b) Professional Education c) Experience and d) Exam Details. You are now a Project Management Professional! These differences include prerequisites, cost, level of difficulty, and how the credentials are perceived industry-wide. For Activity-A, if the optimistic estimate is 2 weeks, pessimistic estimate is 3 times the optimistic estimate and mostly likely estimate is 4 weeks, what should be the duration project manager should consider for Activity-A? It contains: 42. So, the risk of “Unknown Bugs” has the greatest impact on the project. You should have experience of all 5 performance domains (Process Groups). The minimal payable items required for the PMP® certification exam for most Aspirants are listed below: 1. At the beginning of the project, you determined it was important to determine the stakeholders’ attitudes toward your project and to calculate the effect those attitudes will have on the success of the project. Challenges and problems encountered and how they can be avoided, Information to be used as an input to administrative closure, Feedback from the customer as to what you could have done better, Identify nonconformity, gaps, and shortcomings, Reduce cost of quality and increase customer acceptance, Confirm implementation of approved change requests, Use Kanban system based on theory-of-constraints, Use critical path method to identify schedule flexibilities, Assign resources upfront to all the work determined in define scope, Use rolling wave planning based on adaptive life cycle, All planning and most executing processes, Most monitoring and controlling and some executing processes, One initiating, three planning, and six executing processes, The project does not have adequate lead and lag times built in, The duration of the activity should be compressed, A buffer, reserve or contingency should be added to the activity duration, Is a threat and if addressed, may be mitigated, Represents the most optimistic returns on the event, Document the new risk with acceptance strategy in the risk register, Update the risk register with new risks, outdated risks, and realized risks, Start developing a strategy to respond to the new risk, Determine if you are eligible for the PMP certification. Each of your team members is an expert in his or her field and has worked on several previous similar projects. Although the PMP is not the right certification for every project manager, the following information will help you determine if it’s … D - Plan Procurements and Conduct Procurements processes are generally concurrent with all project management planning (A). However, this experience is not needed in a single project. A project manager is using a template which he/she found in the company’s organizational process assets. There is a significant rise in PMP applicants in recent years. On the PMP certification exam application, you’ll be required to name the institution you attended, the year you graduated, and the field of study you took during your academic education experience. A project manager is working in a weak matrix organization and is required to report all events to 4 department heads and two directors in the sponsoring team. A - On-demand scheduling - This approach, typically used in a Kanban system, is based on the theory-of-constraints and pull-based scheduling concepts from lean manufacturing to limit a team’s work in progress in order to balance demand against the team’s delivery throughput. The team is now creating deliverables and generating work performance information. 1. You are the Project Manager for a highly publicized local project that has a BAC of $1.2 million. 27. All stakeholders do not have assignments on a project (B). 10. Head over to to get started with the PMP application. There is nothing in the question to imply that an incentive is required. Your project sponsor has requested a cost estimate from you for your IT project. The accept strategy indicates that the project team has decided not to change the project management plan to deal with a risk or is unable to identify any other suitable response strategy. It is clearly beneficial to be a PMI member. Learn more about earning & reporting PDUs at PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements Program documentation. C - A plan (A, D) describes how activities will be managed. It is updated in all other processes. CAPM Certification Requirements: Project Management Education – CAPM Training Course ... You know PMP- Project Management Professional certification is very important to project managers. While determining your risk management plan, you make sure you include which of the following: 19. B inserts buffers to account for the uncertainty in the duration of the tasks and allows flexible start/end dates not to exceed the remaining buffer. You can claim a maximum of 8 PDUs for being a project management practitioner as a part of your job, 17 PDUs by means of “Other Giving Back”, and a minimum of 35 PDUs as a part of the continuing education. Lost cause is not a project management term. C - A is not correct because a workaround is an unplanned response to an unknown risk that has occurred. The assumptions log lists factors believed to be true for planning purposes. The standard non-member price to take the exam is $555. As part of a strategy to handle negative risk, a project manager decided to adopt less complex processes, conduct more tests and choose a more stable supplier. RS (Interfaces) = 1 x (4+0+2+3) = 9 Fixed price contracts are also known as which of the following? That’s the reason for the strict PMI requirement to sit in the exam. Here are the 8 steps to get the PMP certification: The PMP exam is hard because of two reasons - a) The pmp exam content is vast and difficult and b) There is very little time available to answer questions. 25. Important: A very small percentage of applications will be subject to a random audit process that’ll require anyone being audited to present evidence to validate all of the information they submitted with their application. Verifying changes & deliverables is not a part of a quality audit but is an output of Control Quality. * A secondary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate's degree, or global equivalent. Do You Qualify for the PMP Certification? 32. 7. Experience: Provide your project’s title, job title, approach, dates, project description, and other information. The main dimensions that are set as criteria include education, experience, and training. 49. The project team is implementing the project management plan and wants to be certain they are maximizing benefits from quality audits. The simplest way to explain it is that PMP certification is a Project Management Professional certification. Academic Education: You will need to input your highest level of education, years attended, name of institution, and field of study. We have compiled a set of 50 PMP exam style questions below based on the PMP exam outline and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK ® Guide) 6th Edition from Project Management Institute, Inc 2020. D is a histogram used to identify causes of an error. PMP Certification Requirements For 2020 * A secondary degree is defined as a high school diploma, associate's degree, or global equivalent. Find out if you are eligible for the PMP Certification with our free assessment tool. 13. Eco-Chemical Corp is creating a charter to implement quality practices and standards at all of its manufacturing facilities to ensure they comply with OSHA Star Site requirements. CBAP® and CCBA® are registered certification marks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis. The question does not suggest changes have occurred (D). The primary PMP® certification requirements are discussed in detail in the following blocks. A Project Manager is using PERT technique to estimate activity durations in a project. This post covers PMP application process, eligibility criteria, study material, 35 contact hours of project management education, Prometric PMP scheduling, and more. A - (A) Senior Management is most likely to have the financial authority appropriate to funding a very large project. What would the PM do next? Follow the PMP application process below and submit to PMI®. Since details of the project have yet to be determined, which of the following tools and techniques would be most appropriate during initiating? 45. Learn power skills to advance your project career for the unique challenges that lie ahead. Defects occur in processes as well as products, thus, repair requests are also an output of Perform Quality Assurance. As a cost savvy project manager, equally important is the PMP Salary hike expected or what is my ROI- Return on Investment. You are reviewing your processes to ensure that you and the team are following the plan exactly as stated. Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM (CST), 'PMI', 'PMP', 'CAPM', 'OPM3', 'PMI-ACP', 'Project Management Professional', 'Certified Associate in Project Management', and 'PMBOK' are trade marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. The exam is based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge By earning a PMP certification you’ll get a significant advantage over your colleagues, make more money, and increase your value by equipping yourself with high-level project management skills. RS (Delay) = 3 x (3+5+2+0) = 30 If you’re not a 4PMTI student, you can enroll in our other certification courses that are qualified to provide the PDUs, such as: PMI-ACP certification (24 PDUs), Risk Management Course (24 PDUs), Critical Chain Management (24 PDUs), Earned Value Management (24 PDUs). C - A constraint is a limiting factor such as a limited budget or an imposed deadline. 4. All rights reserved. Who authorizes the charter? Now you know how important it is to be well-prepared for your PMP Certification Exam. The quality audit is a tool and technique used in Preform Quality Assurance. Your colleague tells you that it is better to keep quiet at this stage because of the potential for a huge financial loss if the project is cancelled. PMP (Project Management Professional) is the most admired and recognized exam around the world in project management. C - A is used to test conformance to standards. As of July 2020, PMI no longer checks for the 4500 hours of project management experience to qualify for the PMP exam. Recognized across multiple industries, PMPs lead projects in nearly every country. Earning the PMP certification means you must qualify for the requirements in addition to studying for and passing the PMP exam. Stakeholders (C) is too general a category. 2. The PMP exam will cost you $405 as a PMI member or $555 if you are not a PMI member. You and the team have identified the activities and the resources that will be needed, and have entered best-case duration estimates into each identified activity. Options A, B & D are not root causes of the problem. While earning your PMP certification requires a major investment of time and effort, the monetary benefit is worth the hard work. Answer D is not an ethical course of action. Professional Education: Here you will provide PMTI’s PMP training course title and when you attend it to satisfy the 35 contact hours requirement. The Project Management Professional (PMP) ® is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Meeting these requirements is the first step to obtaining PMP Certification. D - Fast tracking is doing activities in parallel to reduce the duration of the project, not the activity. Therefore, the PMP certification is something that a person who works as a project manager would want to pursue. Earning a certification shows.. © 2008-2020 Project Management Academy®. Discover the PMP Advantage In addition, twelve risks have been logged on the watch list and are considered actively accepted. PMI has authorized Project Management Training Institute as a PMI Approved Training Partner (ATP) to provide PMP certification online virtual training. More alarming in answer D is “other PM processes were not followed” without qualifying which ones. The objective of fast tracking a project is to: 34. 29. The lessons learned register may also include the impact, recommendations, and proposed actions associated with the situation. All stakeholders placed in the upper right quadrant are considered to have, 9. The Swirl logo™ is a trademark of AXELOS Limited. When you meet with Hank, your contact in the accounting department, Hank informs you that the company has already committed 60% of its project budget to another project; therefore, the required funds will not be available at the time you planned to purchase the equipment. They always wonder about the eligibility and qualification criteria for the PMI’s credential exam. In this situation, the risk has not occurred; it is only rumored to possibly occur. The team is in a meeting where they come up with the following information. Project Management Academy®, PMA®, the most trusted name in project management training®, and Senior Certified Project Manager® are registered marks of Educate 360, LLC. A - Following a qualitative risk analysis, updates to the risk register include a list of risks requiring response in the near term (A). The charter is usually not updated (C). As a quick reference guide you should save, print, or share our PMP Certification Process Infographic that outlines your path to PMP certification success! 9. Becoming a PMI member (US$ If you have a four-year degree, you must have at least 36 months (4,500 hours) of on-the-job project management experience. If you have a four-year degree, PMI requires 36 months of PM experience. You have completed the budget for your project and determined that in the third month your costs will increase by 500% due to the acquisition of some heavy machinery. The PM and the project team discuss the issue and conclude there is no action they can take to minimize the impact of a union strike. So what are the PMP certification requirements? Risk data quality assessment is used in qualitative risk analysis. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an invitation via email to pay for the exam at PMI’s website. If you get audited, you will need to prove it by submitting a signed document of your submitted experience from your PM contact (or supervisor). PMI will be updating to new domains and breakdown starting January 2021. Are project staff assignments and resource calendars appropriately updated? ** As of July 2020, PMI no longer has the 4500 or 7500 hours requirement for the PMP exam. The PMP Certification is the most globally recognized of project management certifications. While reviewing your past performance in order to predict the status of the project at completion, you determine that the project scope was not as well defined as you thought, technical standards have been unrealistic, the product design did not have engineering’s input and your team has just learned of a new regulatory requirement. On-demand scheduling does not rely on a schedule that was developed previously for the development of the product or product increments, but rather pulls work from a backlog or intermediate queue of work to be done immediately as resources become available.

pmp certification requirements

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