Many sections include examples, as well. 1f. The idea behind Blue Ocean Strategy is for organizations to develop in “uncontested market space” (e.g. The following framework will guide you through completion of your basic strategic plan document. Monitoring and Reporting Framework Melbourne Strategic Assessment 6 Components of the Monitoring and Reporting Framework The key components of the MRF are: Program logic – This describes the relationships between program activities and processes, program outputs and program outcomes and how activities are expected to lead to outcomes. Here’s how to think of each of the four VRIO components: Once you answer these four questions, you’ll be able to formulate a more precise vision statement to help carry you through all the additional strategic elements in your plan. The action plans will demonstrate how the School/Department will support the delivery of its strategic objectives within the allocated budget. Then, the programmatic strategy requires research into the external environment to identify approaches and offerings that would help the organization achieve its mission. Most notably, it is: Dynamic and iterative. Looking at all three levels as a whole, strategy leaders can form criteria for developing, testing, implementing, and adapting strategies on an ongoing basis, allowing for quick and thoughtful responses when needed. LGV has developed a draft integrated strategic planning and reporting framework (‘the framework’) for consideration by councils. Conduct a review of the Plan prior to its conclusion. The OKR framework is also effective because goals are continually set, tracked, and re-evaluated so organizations can quickly adapt when needed. Your organization-wide strategy is fine, but there’s one area in your business environment (or internal process) that needs to be realigned with your strategy. Strategy Map. The RACI matrix is a helpful visual for defining the role each person in your organization has for projects and processes, ensuring it aligns with their OKRs. If you’re interested in reading more, this Business News Daily article offers some additional details about each area of the SWOT analysis and what to look for when you create one. A strategy map offers a host of benefits: See Also: A Strategy Map Template For Medium-Sized Companies. 6.2 The University’s planning process will be led by the Vice-Chancellor and President with the participation of the University Executive, Council, Academic Board, and Planning and Resources Committee, and will be informed by an assessment of the University’s internal and external environments and by consultation with staff and other stakeholders. Goal-based strategic planning is the reverse of issue-based. The work program forms part of the strategic planning framework, designed to reflect the organisation’s audit strategy and inform the Parliament, government entities and the public of the planned audit coverage for the Australian Government sector. They are developed based on a rolling triennial approach with the primary focus being the first year. Use a Department Business Plan Dashboard. This is just one of the many “views” you’d be able to see in scorecard software once your BSC was complete. Top Level Plans will complement and augment the Strategic Plan and should link strategy to operation. The guidance states that . Sector guidance: planning and reporting. 7.4.1 Top Level Plans, and any amendments to them, must be approved by Council (after review by the Planning and Resources Committee), except that minor amendments to correct omissions or inaccuracies may be approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President and reported to the next scheduled meeting of Council. Issue-based planning is ideal for young or resource-restricted organizations. The organic model takes an unconventional approach because it focuses on the organization’s vision and values, versus plans and processes. Many nonprofits use this model—for example, a disaster relief agency needs the ability to respond quickly and adapt its strategy to immediately address a crisis.

strategic planning and reporting framework

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