T'Challa is older in the movies — he's around his 30s … T'Challa vs. Killmonger, to me, looked like a battle between a formally trained but inexperienced fighter vs. a hardened experienced fighter. Marvel/Disney. “You don’t realize how powerful you are with my by your side, because that could easily be arranged. That was until you joined the team, and it was his job to train you on hand to hand combat. A little too much daydreaming, so thank you again for that ;3 I hope you like my answers! Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; T/Challa/N'Jadaka; T'Challa (Marvel) Erik Killmonger; Killmonger grew up in Wakanda; Goes by N'Jadaka the entire time Sometimes when one has a soulmate when you turn 18 you get the first words they will speak to you, etched onto your skin. Smiled happily, widely, like Erik was the best thing he’d ever seen. [In my opinion]. This also sets the table for the deeper themes not commonly explored in mainstream cinema, least of all a Marvel superhero movie. Of course you were both nervous, but quickly got into the groove as you began to spar with each other. “Say you love me.”His whispered into your ear barely loud enough for you to hear had he not been so close. Now let me explain why Tony here would be the one I want chasing me the most. Reassuring him a lot will help ease his anxieties, after all he has lost most good things in his life, he couldn’t bear losing you too. “The only sound I want to hear from your mouth is counting.”He firmly stated as he swatted your backside as hard as he could, making you hold back a scream. Don’t get mad at him if he says something rude to the person flirting with you, he just has your best interests at heart. This is all marked with the rise of African Americans taking ancestry tests to learn of their ancestral roots, increased visits back to the continent and the adoption of traditional clothing such as the Dashiki and Kente cloth. Summary: Your friends finally get you out of the house and onto the dancefloor! You better get it in your mind already that you are going to bare his heirs because that is a must. Will eliminate any competition or anyone he sees as a threat. This estrangement is gingerly reflected in the level of abandonment that Killmonger experiences at the hand of his own uncle. T'Challa and Erik both have the herb, but no suit. Over the comms he heard Steve yell about how the main target had a civilian with a gun to their head. “Let us get a nights rest, then you can see me off in the morning.”He stated pulling back the covers waiting for you to climb in before laying down himself. I don’t want to be away from you either, but in the depths of my soul I know this is the right thing.” T’Challa frowned pulling you into his arms. Maybe they could hear that you were nearby, could it be that you were each other’s soulmate? Pietro began coughing but breathing on his own again as the bullet wounds started to fade away. The complex family ties that exist between the two forms the arc for the film, albeit deviating slightly from the backstory of the original comics. But he didn't bank on the journey of self discovery and learning exactly when he and T'Challa fell in love, why T'Challa cheated on him in the first place, and if he had the strength to stay after all. The exchanges between T’Challa and Killmonger throughout the film are reminiscent of the wider experiences of Africans and their African American counterparts. Tilting his head to the side he was processing the information, realizing that you had to be the one connected to him. Making it home to your sleeping form, in his bed waiting for him to join you. The scariest one to have chasing after me, I believe would be Loki. “COUNT!”He demanded loudly. Picking you up and leading you to the bedroom where he will proceed to worship you from top to bottom. That’s not to say that the person hitting on you or flirting with you would be safe that night when you went to sleep. “Yes my King, I understand.”You replied barely above a whisper in his ear, your heart still beating wildly in your chest. The two of you had just finished a round of passionate lovemaking, now holding each other in the afterglow. Whether intentional or not the film further demonstrates this severance in Killmonger’s audacious disregard of the weighty importance of African tradition. Look past his overbearing tendencies, he doesn’t mean to be as intense as he is. After he walked you home you couldn’t help but smile at the very thought of the encounter. “Maybe I want you to my King.”You taunted right back knowing exactly what you were doing. Whoever they were you couldn’t help but pity them despite your obvious frustrations with having to deal with all the consequences but none of the fun. As you were about to tell him off for going so slow he thrusted his entire length into you at once, going until he bottomed out. <3 <3 <3], [Warning: Mentions of Violence, Murders, Slight NSFW in places, dark but sweet.]. “Your happiness, your tears, your love, your hate – all of it belongs to me. However you hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol, it was all your soulmate. Not that I would allow it, but that is besides the point. [First I did general headcannons for the two, then I did who I think would win! Somehow you just never gone at the same time until now. Ever since you were born you had the outline of a handprint on your hip, your parents called it a birthmark. In an alternate ending to Black Panther, Killmonger defeats T'Challa in the final fight. Slowly getting his memories back he recalled the story making him feel nostalgic and more lonely than ever. Besides you didn’t want him getting involved in a fight that wasn’t his. And according to Michael Battle, every Black man is part T’Challa and part Killmonger and that’s not a … It could be said that Stephen never really gave much thought to his soulmate, until he became a Sorcerer. T'Challa takes over the throne at a younger age. Would definitely kill anyone who got too close to you, including your friends. Maybe nsfw too if you're up to it :)) your probably my far my favorite yandere/marvel author on this platform, and I'm always looking forward to what you post!! Thank you so much for the request, and sorry it took me a couple of days! [First I did general headcannons for the two, then I did who I think would win! “You don’t want me for a soulmate anyway.”He scoffed turning back around. Never once did you hear the same thing you were listening to, which meant that you were not in close proximity to them. Cap must stop killmonger and liberate Wakanda from his tyrannical rule. Gasping you looked at your wrist and then back at him with a soft smile. I truly appreciate you and I hope this was what you were wanting! Leaning you over his lap he lifted your dress until you were clad only in your undergarments across his legs. Before things had started getting heated you two were fooling around with a camera and your new sexy lingerie. Working as an assistant for Tony Stark you ended up meeting a lot of interesting people, although none grasped you the right way. I wanted to make it the best for you so I rewatched the movie. Who would win? Peter instantly recognized you as you walked in, realizing why you were sketching his Spider now. <3333 The more feedback I get, the more I do with soulmates! Thor is a giant teddy bear most of the time, always showing affection towards you and never anything but. Thor is only doing this because he is protecting you, and the love that you share together. <3 <3 <3], Prompt #7: “You were beautiful on the photos I took, but you’re absolutely perfect in my arms.”, Prompt #21: “You don’t realize how powerful you are with me by your side.”. Your ass sore and raw from each of his hits, tears now running down your cheeks. Why it's on the list: This is the … “I really wish that I could.”. “If you insist my Queen.”He smirked his body language shifting entirely as he whipped you around so your front was pressed nearly flat against the wall, pinning you against him with his own. That was when things went to shit and he couldn’t focus on it any more. I can just as easily keep you locked up in this room while I am gone, all they will need is a simple direction from me. Starting with, cocky and confident on the outside, sweet sweet boy on the inside which you would get to see. They are trying to figure out why she passed out, and it looks like she is going to have to have surgery for something unrelated found during testing. A love he had to fight so hard to win, and he wasn’t used to losing. Several unsolved murders might just stack up in the city, with none of them seeming connected in anyway. “I wish I could hate you.”You sniffed standing up lowering your dress. The film signals the developments that are occurring within the diaspora. Don’t expect to go anywhere without Peter with you, it’s dangerous out there and you need Spider-Man to keep you safe from harm. I love you, you are the only one that can make me freeze with your very presence. Peter is a sweet boy so if he is jealous he won’t lash out, he will just get pouty and sad wanting your attention. People dying from lightning strikes were at an all time high and no one could understand what was happening. The main goal being to avenge the death of his father, something you really didn’t want him to do. While I am worried for them, I am glad that I have the time and the ability to take care of them like they have been taking care of me for the last almost 30 years. The world will know you are his, and he will stop at nothing to show it. Likely if he had a soulmate they would be dead by now, fate had not been kind to him in the least so why would it be now? Then here he was basically admitting that he loved you, and wanting to hear that you loved him too. (l-r) Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) and King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) raise interesting questions as antagonist/protagonist in Black Panther. Arching your hips back into him your excitement grew as you felt his aching hardness against your clothed skin. So to give your soulmate a taste of their own medicine you walked to the nearest dive bar, not the best of places but you didn’t care anymore. Looking to you he gave you a warning glare letting you know just what would happen if you continued. The film’s auxiliary villain Ulysses Klaue further exemplifies this separation, as he scoffs to Killmonger that Wakandans won’t accept him even in light of the traditional markings Killmonger has chosen to adorn his body with. Now let me explain why: Starting off with, Loki does what Loki wants. Watching on in fascination as the perpetrator took his last fleeting breaths, eyes closing shut after a few more moments. Guess who is getting tortured that night, basically electrocuting them from the inside out with a single touch. I don’t think he would go after your family, but he would threaten to if you disobey in any way. Bucky had been told the story of his mother meeting his father so many times when he was younger. OBSESSIVE okay, like to the max with a dash of possessiveness. Speaking of mood, it’s highly unpredictable. When he does confront Erik he has backup obviously so he doesn’t really stand much of a chance, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. As it is later revealed T’Chaka is behind the death of N’Jobu played by the phenomenal Sterling K. Brown (and well worth the cameo), father of the disillusioned villain. The level of introspection that Killmonger is ultimately able to bring not only to T’Challa but Wakanda and its age-old principles is honestly refreshing to witness; and a move from the usual cookie cutter Marvel villain. Not a lot of people can say that! T’Challa was getting ready to leave Wakanda to head to the states to assist Tony Stark in his fight against Captain America. T'Challa was raised with ideas of heroism and being on the “right” side of law and justice. Calculating your next moves it’s like he can read your mind. Words started to appear, causing you to realize that you had never given them and indication that you even existed. Stopping his movements he touched the spot you collided with not feeling any pain at all making his eyes go wide. “Maybe next time you will listen to me. Cornering the man before throwing him onto the ground harshly, standing over him at first placing his foot on the man’s chest. Ethics. The historic moment of The Middle Passage would establish, unbeknownst to the chained Africans at the time, a deep chasm between Africans on the continent and the displaced African Americans. He stared at you in disbelief before letting go and bowing gracefully introducing himself in a muddled stream of consciousness. That was when you saw him for the first time, and should it have been under normal circumstances you both would have noticed the timer hit zero. Somehow in the commotion you were pushed into someone else, feeling them grasp your hip to steady you as you grabbed their shoulder to steady yourself. Now if T’Challa has you and Erik tries to get you from him, it would end the same way. Googling it feeling a little silly like maybe you just imagined it, you quickly got results for a type of soulmate bond. Many years later that information had been wiped from his memory, never thinking about soulmates again until he was in the healing process. Part of you wanted to write a note to them to see if anyone answered but at the same time you were afraid. I really hope you enjoy it, and that it was what you were wanting! After talking until you both agreed to meet at a local coffee shop in a few hours. T'Challa and Erik Killmonger emerged into a fight, as Killmonger stated his intention to kill T'Challa for the throne. A memorable Marvel villain who blurred the lines between the Disney-style notions of good and evil. Plus there was always the time period to consider, what if he met you in a time that wasn’t considered his own? For your own safety of course, you are in the safest country in the world! Or for you to find out what he had been doing to all the people who tried to steal you from him, at least that is his reasoning. I am still the one in charge here, so you remember that well. Killmonger should be considered a successful villain because T'Challa does, in a manner of speaking, grant his enemy's wish. Even Lupita Nyong’o who plays Nakia, tells of the astonishment she expressed to the director upon first reading the script - “is Marvel/Disney really allowing you to do this?!”. After all you are going to be his queen one day. Deciding that it was time, she started following the ribbon wondering just how far it would take her. Not the type to physically punish you, but to make you feel guilty for running from him in the first place. I appreciate you! Working with the Avengers meant that you were constantly meeting people, but none were the one you were searching for. Having gone there on the same day once a week since you discovered what the numbers meant. Walking home that night you were approached by a man who held you at knifepoint for your bag. Seeing you nod in confirmation unable to muster a single word he could tell he was doing his job in fucking you into a state of euphoria. “I wish I could stay here all day everyday in your arms, letting the world pass us by.”. Rating: 18+ A/N: The fight between Erik and T’Challa in Erik’s P.O.V. Especially when you strike your King, something you could very well be put to death for should anyone else have been around. When requests are open!! Will probably mark you in some way so that the world will know who you belong to. T’Challa grabbed your arm holding it firmly in his hand as he stared into your eyes. You had just suffered through another boring date, your twenties not quite living up to expectations. It was a bunch of formulas for seemingly a chemistry class.

t'challa vs killmonger

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