Once the flower petal leaves fade and fall off the plant, cut back the stems to just below the flowers and allow them to grow back. His expertise has been shared in print, tv and radio. How to Prune Poinsettia Plants. The actual flower of the poinsettia is the yellow middle. Nannette Richford is an avid gardener, teacher and nature enthusiast with more than four years' experience in online writing. Poinsettias are often disappointing in their second year, but this is the best way to try and get a good display from them in their second year. Hi Stan, Red Poinsettias. When autumn comes around again and the days become shorter, cut back on feeding and bring the plant or plants back inside. Choose a spot in the garden that receives full sun to part shade that is sheltered from strong winds. These plants produce brightly colored bracts -- modified leaves -- that turn red, pink or white during the holiday season. If you want to keep the plant compact, you can pinch the tips of … Poinsettias are somewhat drought tolerant and will grow best in soil that drains well and dries on top between waterings. Encourage branching further by pinching or cutting back the growing tips so that only three to four leaves are left on each stem, which prepares the plant for blooming. My father who lives in OHIO has a poinsettia plant, a tree really that he maintains as a bush. [1] X Research source If you get sap on you, quickly rinsing it off with water and soap should be enough to prevent irritation. After the tinsel and holiday lights are gone, though, you can actually grow these tender perennials for years with basic care and regular pruning to maintain a pleasing shape and size. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. To keep the Christmas spirit alive, give your poinsettia a good prune to encourage new growth and get it back into its natural rhythm. He authors a garden & landscaping article in the newspaper. Beware of light from streetlights or light that leaks into the poinsettia's room under or around doors, as this may be enough to prevent blooming. So cut off at least to the half-way point and repot the plant now into a 2-inch larger pot. Pick a spot where it'll receive full sun for most of the day. > Read Full Biography /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. Wear gloves to keep from coming in contact with skin-irritating sap. How to Trim Poinsettias. Cut back all canes (branches) to about 6 inches from the pot’s rim. When the plant loses its leaves, it is time to cut it back. To promote active regrowth, the “Pruning Handbook” recommends leaving only two or three poinsettia buds intact after the flowers have died . Some people are sensitive to poinsettia sap, so always wear gardening gloves and long sleeves when pruning or handling poinsettias. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Poinsettias can spend summers outside in most of the United States as long as nighttime temperatures remain above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A tropical perennial plant, poinsettias can survive and bloom for many years with proper care. Once all of the leaves have died back, prune the bushes back to two buds and keep it in a bright location. 4. ... Prune off the old stems in late winter or early spring by cutting them back to 4 to 6 inches in height and leaving one to three leaves on each stem. Photo: gpnmag.com. How to Rebloom Your Poinsettia . For more details on cutting back at the right time and in the right way, check out the wikiHow: How to Prune a Poinsettia. How to Cut Back Citronella for More Foliage, Michigan State University Extension: Poinsettias, University of Illinois Extension: The Poinsettia Pages, NC Cooperative Extension: Caring for Poinsettia Plants, Missouri Botanical Garden: Euphorbia Pulcherrima, University of California: Houseplants for the Home and Office, How to Prune Indoor Plants to Keep Them Small. Cut off any old blooms that are still on the plant in February or March. Richford holds a Bachelor of Science in secondary education from the University of Maine Orono and certifications in teaching 7-12 English, K-8 General Elementary and Birth to age 5. This helps create a full plant with lots of flower heads. You'll need to pinch back your poinsettia several times during the summer. Beginning in late fall, keep the plants in complete darkness for 12 to 14 hours a night to initiate blooming in winter. I remember my grandma saying you have to prune at a certian time of year so they are red at Christmas. In late spring, when overnight temps outdoors are above 50 degrees, prune new shoots back to four inches and sink your poinsettia—pot and all—into a protected spot in … You can start planting poinsettia outdoors after all chance of frost has passed. Caring for Outdoor Poinsettia Plants. The leaves fall off after the flowers bloom. Now is the time for the last and final cut back and it needs to happen. So-called “hard cutting” is beneficial for many perennial plants. How to Grow Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora From Plantlets After Flowering. The poinsettia plants is about 15 to 20 ft. tall. The plants also can be placed outside in the spring after the risk of frost has passed. Poinsettias are in full bloom when you buy them, but few ever bloom again. This forces new growth to appear at the leaf axis and paves the way for a full plant that can support many blooms. s Continue to prune or pinch off the top two or three leaves every four to six weeks over summer, but discontinue pruning after early fall. Fertilize poinsettias every two to three weeks with a solution of houseplant fertilizer mixed to half-strength. In fact, if they're allowed to grow freely outdoors in the warmest USDA zones, these plants can reach the size of small shrubs, attaining heights of 10 feet or more in their native Mexico. Cut the branches back to about 4″-5″ but try to leave a few leaves on each branch. The leaves will naturally drop off around March time, which is when you can re-shape and cut back straggly plants down to about 10cm. Poinsettias flood the market during the winter holidays, claiming the title of best-selling potted flowering plant. Pink Poinsettia. Cut the plants back to 12 or 18 inches from the ground to encourage new growth. Bring poinsettias back in around mid … As these are plant that we use indoors for the wonderful ornamental foliage over Christmas, you need to make sure that you choose a plant that will look great over the festive season. But it must happen now if there is any hope of growing it to the right size and for it to bloom again by Christmas. If you are fortunate enough to still have a good, thriving Christmas poinsettia and have wondered once what it might take to bring it back into bloom, wonder no more…it is now time to cut it back. So how much can I prune them back and at what time of the year. Discontinue pruning after September 10. So this time I followed all Poinsettia care tips and put plant in window under shady place with enough light. Cut back to within 12 to 18 inches of the ground or to living tissue if the plant was damaged by cold. Discard water that accumulates in the bottom saucer. You can also prune throughout the year to keep the plant in shape, and when the new shoots appear in summer, remove some of the tips to help make the plant bushier. Oh, and don’t worry about that “putting it into the closet or into a dark place” as that is not quite the truth. Poinsettias grow best in moist, well-drained, fertile soils. Generally your poinsettia should have been cut back already once or twice, and none of that really matters until now. Continue growing outside for best results until temperatures drop to no lower than 55-degrees at which time you must then move it into the house and place in the sunniest window. See the “how to keep a poinsettia from year to year” section above. This video will show you how to look after your Poinsettia after its finished flowering and how to prune the plant. Prune back the plants hard in April, to about 10cm (4in), and keep at a temperature of 13°C; In early May, repot them, growing them in a light, cool place over summer. Well, because I need to prune my poinsettias and, as you know, they are a symbol of Christmas.

when to cut back poinsettias

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